The essence of change

By R R Tanoli

“There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people.” ~ Heinz Guderian

Unfortunately Pakistan was not the outcome of any major endeavor between the haves and the have-nots because such a contest would have brought a matured political culture and democratic norms to the nation. Pakistan has its own politico-economic and psycho-social environment, peculiar to Pakistan alone. How can you bring the change where regional issues are preferred over the national interest? Our political culture is predominantly parochial, rich in societal schism and hinged on local feudal, urban bosses and their followers. The power worshipper disregards the vices of the power holder. No intra party elections and there is no change in power structure because it is circulating within the family members. The power of inheritance can still bring the lunatic to be decorated on the imperial throne. The fidelity to the family, clan, tribe, cults, kinships, class, colour and creed always outweigh loyalty to the “NATION” and people consider it as their social compulsion. Regional parties are always preferred over national outfits based on ethnic discrimination, linguistic division, religious fanaticism, sectarianism, tribalism, provincialism and regionalism. Similarly government has failed to adopt any approach to assimilate or accommodate these factions within our own territory.

Our people will remain blind followers till the time there have been radical changes in the mindset of people. Our social and political life has not observed any radical change yet. Corruption, injustice, illiteracy, nepotism and above all intolerance are at the grass root level.

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My queries have no answer for the current politically perturbed situation. How can you bring the change when the people are not ready for the change? People who are raising the slogans for change don’t have magic wands to bring the substantial changes in the society. This is a society where loyalties can be purchased, curbed, diverted and demolished.

Anarchy is the transition phase of any society for the better future but the time for this transition is not yet arrived. Let’s suppose we have government of “change lover” even then it’s impossible to bring substantial reforms in the system. People will forget about long marches and have remained impatient towards new government for the earlier acquisition of objectives. People have not comprehended the essence of change yet. It requires years to understand and uncountable sacrifices. The root cause will remain the same that is “trust deficit” which has already made our people impatient, intolerant and always ready for vehement criticism. Definitely there should be no reliance because the government is always run by the corrupt plutocrats who are the custodian of Machiavellian politics.  How can one trust them? You keep paying taxes like good little minions and they will devour it like a beast. They will remain unscrupulous because they are elected by dubious mean. Unfortunately the lack of administrative prodigy will again turn out to be disastrous and there is a possibility that their tasks will again be meddled by another contender with an aim to salvage it from utter annihilation.

Inter alia, it is quite evident that this melodrama is against the scandalous leader whose self centered nature does not allow him to surrender in front of those who are actually running the affairs of the state. He will always remain as obdurate leader without any political acumen. Therefore there is an improvised make shift arrangements that may results into his resignation along with his stooges but what about others who are plundering the nation’s wealth?

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What will happen if people don’t have “Naya Pakistan” (New Pakistan) after this long march? There desperation may turn into frustration.

Political development requires political socialization which is a hard and moderate process. We have a recent example of the last government whose political health was squeezed to its birthplace due to inability to perform. But I am afraid that this turmoil has again given them a life line which they will definitely exploit to their best.

There are no short cuts for the social and political reforms. This kind of “change” is alien to the society which does not have any origin from the people. Such dictated change will only bring chaos and turmoil. I condemn the prevailing democratic structure but also against the superficial democracy that is not emerged from the people themselves. These marches are for the few stake holders and not for the complete system hence not for the people.  If you need change, you need to change yourself first. Merits and accountability are the essence of any successful system but unfortunately these attributes are alien to our society.

Suppose you have been able to make your government but let me remind you one thing that the scepter will remain in the hands of those who are responsible for your rise. They can also fire wrath upon you if you ever try to meddle in their affairs. Mantra will be the same with little exception that the centre blank of GO _____ GO will be filled by your name.