The man who made the world a dangerous place



By Mansoor Malik

The Western World led by the USA has been over indulging in the affairs of the Muslim World since the advent of the 21st Century. The 9/11 tragedy shook the whole world in the beginning of the new millennium and had a global response to punish the perpetrators allegedly housed in Afghanistan under the unanimously passed UN Resolutions. George Bush in his state of the Union Address immediately after 9/11 said that we are on a holy war and on a crusade.

Soon after the Afghanistan imbroglio, the theatre of war was spread to Iraq unilaterally by USA for bringing in American Style Democracy in the Middle-East. The only country from the West which raised hue and cry against this mis-adventure was France. After decimating Iraq, the so called democratic fires were erupted in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. De-stabilization was unleashed in Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Palestine and Lebanon. Smearing campaign was effectively launched against Pakistan.

This scribe on his first visit to the USA in the 1970s’ bought a very interesting souvenir outside the shops of the Universal Studious which read as follows: “American Democracy: YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO YOUR OWN OPINION; just as long as it agrees with mine.” The bold letters were clearly visible but the small ones had to be searched for. Was this the lesson in Democracy the Western World led by the USA were to be un-leashed in the Muslim World?

The Cold War came to an end too abruptly, thanks to the support of Pakistan in defeating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The Soviet Empire crumpled but the trillions of US tax payers’ Dollars spent on the Military-Industrial-Space (Star Wars Programme) Complex   in the 1980s’ and 1990s’ had to be put to good use. The US Military Planners have a minimum of thirty years planning cycle and had identified Communism as their enemy number one. But the enemy just disappeared from their radar screens all of a sudden leaving them a large conglomerate of military assets in all four dimensions, Ground, Air, Sea and Space.

  Contrasting picture of military and politicians

The Political Leadership of the United States at the turn of the new millennium was stuck with a dilemma to either water down most of their Strategic Programmes specific to their perennial enemy, Soviet Union and cause a large economic down turn with resulting loss of millions of jobs or to create another enemy and use it as a whipping boy; boosting their Defense Exports as a fall out. The last ten years or so has been a honeymoon period for the US Defense Exports and that too, in the Muslim World in particular. The Western World was fortunate to have their political lackeys installed in most of the Muslim Countries who were more than ready to play their game. The new enemy, courtesy the pseudo Muslim Leadership was thus created overnight.

The post 9/11 action in Afghanistan was understandable but Iraq was totally a new ball game defined by Wolfowitz in Pentagon and his Think Tank Team occupying the US Department of Defense with deranged and dilapidated Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and a megalomaniac Vice-President Dick Cheney occupying the Monkey White House as their accomplices in this wanton destruction. The whole Muslim World was at their disposal now, aided and abetted by their junior partners, UK in Europe, Israel in the Middle-East and India in the South-West Asia. This new enemy, “The Muslim World” was spread far and wide all over the globe as compared to Communism and had a major chunk of world’s un-tapped natural resources under its fertile lands. A new Pentagonian/Washingtonian Empire along with its Colonization and Occupation was in the making. President Obama, despite his good intentions, has not been successful so far, to change this elephant’s direction. A Two-State Solution in Palestine, if accomplished under his Presidency, may further strengthen his position to correct a lot of other wrongs.

  Cyber Warfare in 21st Century

In this Wolfowitzian Game Plan the first victim was one of the oldest Mesopotamian Civilization (Iraq) and the latest one that of the greatest Byzantium Civilization (Syria). It has on its table for breakfast one of the largest of its kind, the Persian Empire (Iran) along with the Egyptian Civilization for lunch and is preparing its feast for having dinner at the cost of the Nuclear Armed Pakistan. The Washington Octopus is on the loose with its ever growing tentacles spreading out to almost half of the Muslim Countries in the two continents of Asia and Africa. The game is on but the million dollar question is WHAT CAN BE DONE?

Professor Dr. Erbakan, head of the Islamic Rafah Party in Turkey along with his party men drafted their PARTY POLICY PAPER in the early 1990s’ while sitting as an Opposition Leader in the Turkish Parliament. This called out for Politico-Socio-Economic, Industrial, Diplomatic and Military Collaboration amongst the more developed Muslim Countries which they termed the DEVELOPING EIGHT (D-8)  to include Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangla Desh, Egypt and Nigeria. This party document was not only a declaration of intent but a lot of pains had been taken to collect the relevant extensive data on each aspect of the well defined areas of collaboration on these D-8 countries as a starting point. Dr. Erbakan, after a long struggle of more than forty years as an opposition leader of Turkey became the Prime Minister in 1996 and within weeks of his coming to power the first D-8 Summit was held in Istanbul. He was, unfortunately, ousted out of power within a year and a half by their Khakis (Egyptian Style). The last D-8 summit was recently held (2012) in Islamabad. We are, presently, fortunate to have Professor Erbakan’s protégés in power in Turkey and all what they require is to pull out from their closet this PARTY POLICY PAPER without much ado and make it public in the next D-8 Summit along with the strategy to deal with the current situation in Egypt which is one of its very important members from the African Region. Only a collective will of the D-8 Countries fully backed by the OIC (whatever it’s worth) is required to face this onslaught of the Western World to capture all the natural resources of the Muslim World in this new Occupation/Exploitation of the 21st century.  Support from China and Russia could be considered in this equation but the major thrust for“NO ENDS BARRED” collaboration should come from the D-8 Muslim Countries. The die may be loaded against us but we cannot afford to sit idly by while we are being destroyed one by one like a pack of cards.