By Hesham Abu Mariah

He stood tall, smiling, eyes sparkling, then confidently and proudly said, “Animals have better eating habits than humans!!!!!!! We associate certain “meanings” to our eating habits which drive them beyond physical needs! Animals eat, simply, to grow, remain vital, and strong”

Eating, for many, may represent happiness, abundance, joy, ability to, showing affection, care, security, among many other meanings.

And while associating “meanings” with eating could be resourceful in certain contexts, some are not so, especially when they overwhelm the process and direct it towards the harm of an individual it results in eating disorders such as anorexic nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or compulsive overeating leading to obesity, etc.

My decision since that day? I will eat like an animal!

But what’s so special about the above? Good for me, right? 🙂

Well, as beings, we associate meaning with EVERYTHING we are; our actions, endeavors, and accomplishments. We POSSESS what Dr. L Michael Hall calls a “Self-Reflexive Consciousness”.

In his revisit to Humanistic Psychology, The Human Potential movement which was lead by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, Dr. Hall observed the strong relation there is between our Semantics and Neurology; the “meanings” within which we live and the “performance” which is an outcome of those meanings.

He found that people who are considered Geniuses, who have peak life performance, and who achieve beyond the bigger majority, have actually linked their “performance” with great “meanings”, their “neurology” with great “semantics”; beliefs*, values, decisions, perceptions, etc.

And although some may achieve without such “associations”, the quality of “state” (congruence of semantics, neurology, and performance) they get to and their greatest potential wouldn’t be possible without this mind/body synergy; A fact which was highlighted by Maslow when he changed the top of his pyramid from Self-Actualization to Self-Transcendence, according to covey. Only I haven’t heard it in most trainings till this day, if any.

  Saudi Nuclear Weapons in the Persian Gulf

So during my process of living and achieving, I now…


Where do my meanings exist?

What do I tell myself about MY life and MY possibilities?

What meanings do I associate with my attempts, endeavors, and actions?

How do I perceive the world and my relation to it?


  • What "meanings" do I give the things I do? Eating, work, social life, family, my contributions, health, driving, etc…?
  • What if…I can construct my semantic reality?
  • What if…I can tailor it and incorporate it into my neurology?
  • What potential, and what can I possibly achieve if I can reach a high level of /mind/body congruence?
  • What state, what happiness can I twin with every second I live?

…and much more! We can…and much more..!

*beliefs in the above context does not refer to faith or religion. It refers to what we believe about ourselves, others, and the world.

Hesham is a Self Development Trainer and NLP/Neuro-Semantics Life and Youth Coach. He is also an active participant in social reform in the areas of Social Diversity Management and Integration (Eiesh w Malh National Peace Initiative), and Community Development as emanating from the development of individuals. 


Touring to seek the essence of humanity within every human he meets, Coaching, Meditation, Martial Arts, and writing are some of Hesham’s more favored interests yet not limited by them.

He aspires to see a Culture of Self-Actualization; REAL communities of well developed, congruent, life loving individuals spreading worldwide. He believes that such would only be possible when human dignity is restored, when individuals gain a high sense of security, self-acceptance and self-esteem, freedom to BE; and realize that the kind of greatness that they were naturally born to achieve.