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attack on Karachi airportBy Uzma Rathor

Terrorist activities in Pakistan including suicide bombings, target killings, insurgent movements and sectarian violence have drastically amplified in recent years due to the irrefragable substantial contribution of foreign intelligence agencies including the CIA, RAW, Moussad and Blackwater operating sub-rosa with the intent to destabilize the region. The ignominy suffered by the Pakistani nation against the back drop of the Raymond Davis incident and the memo gate scandal has undeniably corroborated this information while having contemporaneously established the complicity of the Pakistani government in the matter. Furthermore the fact that despite possessing ample documentary evidence of the active involvement of these opprobrious organizations in criminal activities, the government of Pakistan has always willfully opted to remain taciturn buttresses the legitimacy of the concern. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the role of the aforesaid agencies in having jeopardized the sovereignty of this country.


The agenda behind the formation of RAW in 1968 was none other than to strike at the foundations of East Pakistan now known as Bangladesh by gaining absolute hegemony via undermining the power and authority of its elected representatives, thus generating a favourable environment for the intrusion of the Indian army in the region. After having won the general elections in 1970, the head of the Awami league party, Mujib ur Rehman played pawn to the likes of radical Bangladeshi politicians such as Tajjudin Ahmed. His superciliousness and determination led him to challenge the authority of the Federal Government through laying the foundation of an equivalent government body at Dhaka. Under the garb of endorsing Bangladeshi nationalism, hooligans were sanctioned by him to commit genocide and rapes of non Bangladeshis prompting then President of Pakistan and chief of army staff, General Yahya Khan to initiate a military campaign.

It is noteworthy that during this time the Pakistani army was for some unknown reason, forbidden from taking any action against the hoodlums who slaughtered and raped numerous innocent civilians including non residents, Bihari people and locals who favoured the central government while the local media was deliberately shut down by having employed an asinine ruse which asserted that media coverage of the disaster could trigger retaliatory conduct in West Pakistan. Thereafter, the commencement of operation “Search light” aimed at rehabilitating marooned individuals and preventing the division of the confederacy in the after math of this very unfortunate incident, provided Bangladeshi leaders who were being sheltered by India at the time, a pretext to instigate mass civil disobedience in the state which was completely abetted by the Indian armed forces. In the interim the Pakistani military was subjected to a colossal propaganda campaign launched by India in connivance with the Western media that depicted the Pakistani army as a fiendish entity responsible for having committed war crimes in the region, while the real culprits were extolled.

After having successfully achieved its objective of creating an autonomous state in the form of Bangladesh by compellingly alienating East Pakistan from its Western arm, RAW further exercised its power and influence on fiscally dilapidated provinces within Pakistan that were already at odds with the Central Government. Its initial efforts were focused at acquiring the services of opulent and persuasive Hindu inhabitants of rustic Sindh for the purpose of invoking anti-state and pro Indian sentiment in the impoverished class that was severely oppressed by the local feudal lords. To shore up this process a foothold was afforded to RAW by GM Sayyed while other Sindhi pro-autonomy parties were also engaged by RAW. As a result an independence movement for so called “Sindhudesh” backed by India’s Lok Sabha was set off.

However, since the movement could not accomplish the desired goal as a consequence of being effectively contained, RAW targeted interior Sindh instead while meticulously concentrating on the city of Karachi in collusion with the then recently incorporated political party called the MQM aka the Mohajir Qaumi movement. By involving MQM, RAW managed to pit Urdu speaking people and Sindhis against each other by having whipped up petty gripes and complaints amongst the duo. It was during this time that some members of the MQM mimicked the example set forth by Mujib-ur-Rehman by having propped up a belligerent faction to entirely take over the port city through the use of violence and intimidation for the pursuit of political goals.

The North West Frontier province aka Khyber Pakhtunkhah was also infiltrated wherein members of the Indian Congress sustained close ties with the local political party called Awami National Party (ANP) that demanded a separate state called Pukhtunistan. Both the leaders of Sindh and the North West Frontier Province vouched India they would forestall the construction of Kala Bagh Dam which is pending to date.

RAW gained access to Balochistan through Afghanistan in 1973 amidst mutiny therein and in cahoots with KGB (Russian intelligence) and KHAD (Afghan intelligence) endorsed the rebellion until 1978. After a two year hiatus, RAW, in collaboration with KGB and a terrorist organization created by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) called “Al Zulfiqar” executed rigorous covert operations of destruction and sedition in opposition to the state of Pakistan till 1989 when the Soviet Union was finally routed. During the latter half of the 1980s RAW developed a nexus with a splinter group in Southern Punjab for an independent Saraikistan.

It was in the wake of 9/11 that India increased its clandestine operations in Pakistan with full support and encouragement from the United States, Israel and other western countries that unleashed their wrath on the Muslim world. Post 9/11 alliance between the US and Pakistan granted India leeway to enhance terrorist activities in Pakistan as during this time the latter allowed foreign intelligence agencies uninhibited territorial access. After having secured and strengthened its footing in the beleaguered areas the CIA made it easier for RAW functionaries to cross the threshold. The Indo-Pak peace treaty which was signed in 2004 at the behest of the American government was intended specifically for the aforementioned purpose. It also enabled India to propagate its culture and tradition particularly in Lahore. Through recruiting traitors in the print and the electronic media, the US, Israel and India have misled the civilian population while at the same time demonizing the different institutions of Pakistan.

The insurgent movement currently in progress within Gilgit called the Balwaristan movement was also actualized by RAW as was Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Target killings that have been taking place in Karachi beginning from the year 2008 to date which urged PPP and ANP to establish independent combative groups to offset MQM’s reign of terror to completely dominate and run the city are also espoused by RAW wherein three thousand five hundred civilians have been slain up till now.



The deep rooted involvement of RAW, CIA and Moussad in the province of Balochistan holds a great deal of importance due to its large continuous stretch of land which encompasses over forty percent of the total area of Pakistan as well as overabundance of natural resources embedded in the region. According to an estimate Pakistan has 25.1 trillion cubic feet of confirmed gas reserves out of which nineteen trillion are to be found in Balochistan. The Oil and Gas Journal (OCJ) has placed Pakistan’s oil reserves at an estimated 300 million barrels the majority of which are situated in Balochistan while other sources have estimated six trillion barrels worth of oil reserves located therein. Additionally Balochistan has enormous gold and copper reserves. It is worth mentioning that instead of using all these resources for the sole benefit of this tremendously socio-economically deprived country, the Central Government of Pakistan in partnership with the provincial government of Balochistan which comprises local feudal lords has since long been contracting with privatized foreign companies for the latter’s utilization. In light of these factors it is more than obvious why foreign elements are hell bent on separating Balochistan from Pakistan and making it into a sovereign state.

RAW, CIA and Moussad have been underhandedly supporting militant groups such as the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), drilled and accoutered in Afghanistan and headed by the local feudal lords who have colluded with external forces for an independent Balochistan. These groups are indeed responsible for causing mayhem in the province including numerous abductions, targeted killings, sectarian violence and vandalism, while the Pakistani armed forces, ISI, and non-residents, specifically Punjabi people settled in Balochistan have been falsely implicated in order to fuel a revolt by poisoning the minds of the people of Balochistan, particularly the youth against the trio. They are consistently apprised that the Pakistani military, ISI and Punjabis are to be blamed for all atrocities that are in reality committed by the feudal lords who are in turn backed by the aforementioned rogue organizations and that it is the least developed among provinces notwithstanding its size and superfluity of natural resources.

Problems escalated in Balochistan when the erstwhile central government of Pakistan decided to take on several progressive schemes to improve the overall condition of the region that were strongly resisted by the local feudal lords who have a vice-like grip over it and who did not want to relinquish the repressive feudal system which enables them to exercise influence and power over the Baloch masses. This situation was almost immediately exploited by western powers including India.

Insurgent groups involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan led by feudal lords and backed by the aforementioned intelligence agencies are also attempting to destroy Pakistan’s long standing affiliation with the Peoples Republic of China and Iran by targeting people of Chinese and Iranian origin settled in the country many of whom have been abducted and subsequently murdered over the years.

Not too long ago there was a colloquium held by the Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis (IDSA) at New Delhi referred to as “South Asia 2020 in retaliation to Balochistan” with the support of the United States, wherein Pakistan was traduced in one way or another by several intellectuals and members of leading policy institutes.

Apart from that there was a covert symposium held in New Delhi on the 5th of November 2009 named “Pakistan is Problem in Balochistan,” conducted by the “Observer Research Foundation” (ORF) and presided over by the former secretary of RAW as well as the former Indian Chief of Army Staff. It was also attended by three Baloch leaders including Dr. Wahid Baloch, Khan of Kalat and Munir Mengal. During his speech, Mr Wahid Baloch who is the General Secretary of the American Friends of Balochistan (AFOB) leveled bogus accusations in accordance with the Indo-US-Israel cabal against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The following is a direct quote from the speech delivered by him:

Balochistan still remains under the occupation of Pakistan and the international community should interfere in preventing atrocities on the Baloch people, being committed by the Pak Army and the ISI. Several Baloch leaders, engineers and doctors were kidnapped, tortured and killed ruthlessly through Pakistan’s state terrorism.”

The views of Mr Baloch were seconded by the other two Baloch leaders and all three attendees were assured that the Baloch independence movement would be synchronized by an American panel and funded by the IDSF. Munir Mengal also delivered a speech wherein he gravely distorted the monetary facets of the Gwader port citing it as potentially hazardous for the global population while simultaneously denouncing China’s proposal of building a naval base at Gwadar, a project wherein China has already invested billions of dollars.

Functionaries of the aforesaid agencies are also well-placed in different Non-governmental philanthropic organizations within Pakistan which are being used to spread grotesque disinformation regarding the armed forces. In this regard, there was a demonstration held outside the United States embassy in London on July 31st 2011 by the Baloch Human rights Council in the United Kingdom wherein spurious charges were leveled at the Pakistani military and the ISI including brutal physical assault and murders of Baloch scholars. Analogous accusations have been leveled by other international human rights organizations including the Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Thereafter, on the 3rd of August 2011, a statement was issued by Major General Athar Abbas who is the spokesperson for Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) wherein he repudiated the reports presented by these human rights groups regarding Balochistan in their entirety and also called for an inquiry into the matter in terms of the sources of the financial support being provided to these organizations  in order to identify and  locate the external elements which intend to subvert Pakistan.

The United States has been stealthily inciting Baloch people to gang up against the Pakistani army which is in fact trying to restore law and in order in the region by countering insurgent groups. The advice rendered by the American government to Baloch civilians includes the use of guerilla fighting to overpower the armed forces of Pakistan. To meet this goal each clannish leader within the region should make available ten thousand males for the combat zone. If they have twenty five thousand males altogether, they shall triumph over all rural communities located in Balochistan within a period of six months. The American think tanks have also directed the local clans to gather funds for the said purpose and to pay each combatant a sum of eight thousand rupees a month in exchange for the services provided by him.

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At the international symposium held at the Nation Press club in Washington on the 21st of November 2009 which was attended by the National leader of Balochistan named Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Laurie Dreamer of the “Independent American Friends of Balochistan” organization vociferously endorsed the independence movement in Balochistan. During her speech she leveled identical charges against the Pakistani armed forces and the central government and emphasized that the disintegration of the state of Pakistan was an unavoidable phenomenon that would benefit the entire global population, in particular the people of Balochistan and the United States. It was also proposed that the American government should explicitly intervene in the matter urging the Pakistani Government to liberate Balochistan for which purpose American officials should be sent to Balochistan as well as overseas in order to garner international support for the cause.


The significance of NGO delegates and envoys, the overwhelming majority of whom comprises covert agents of foreign intelligence organizations is crucial in terms of espionage activities of these people aimed at acquiring specific information required not only to spread disinformation about Pakistan in order to malign it at international level as in the case of Balochistan which I have already discussed in detail, but also to assist in the proliferation of terrorist activities in targeted areas.

Reports submitted by Pakistani intelligence agencies to the Central Government in 2011 revealed that foreign citizens including envoys and individuals associated with different philanthropic organizations had been, without permission, touring and photographing sensitive spots specifically those occupied by the military forces to which only Pakistani citizens are granted access and that are considered high-risk for foreigners. These include sizeable portions of the city of Quetta and South Punjab. Upon being inquired about the reason for their apparently dubious activities, most of them informed the authorities they were merely reviewing and assessing the extent of destruction caused by the floods which had occurred during the previous year.

Thereafter the Ministry of Interior directed police officials and other disciplinary bodies within the Justice system to sternly forbid foreigners from trespassing into constrained localities as such since it is mandatory for all foreigners to acquire a “no-objection certificate” from the ISI for the said purpose. There was also a written notification sent to all foreign embassies and NGOS operating in Pakistan whereby the people in charge were solemnly instructed to curb their personnel from entering restricted vicinities without seeking prior approval from the Government and admonished about the potential dire consequences of non-compliance.

It was also disclosed by intelligence agencies that most of the foreign trespassers took photographs which could have assisted in covert intelligence operations as well as in propagating politically incorrect information about Pakistan. It must be noted that photographs of different restricted areas, particularly military sites including the strategic Balahisar Fort, the headquarters of the paramilitary Frontier Corps at the city of Peshawar and the Pakistan Army’s bunkers on the Eastern border with India were also retrieved from the personal camera of the notorious  CIA contractor Raymond Davis who was an employee of the American consulate at the time, after he was apprehended for having ruthlessly shot and killed two men in a public place at Lahore.

A Tanzanian citizen named Roheela Tariq Bhatti was detained by police officials at Dera Ghazi Khan which is a restricted domain for foreigners after she was found to be in possession of false identification documents.


The presence of “XE Services LLC” in Pakistan, previously known as Blackwater and deemed the most precarious and scandalous among intelligence agencies was confirmed by the CEO of the organization Eric Prince himself during a speech he delivered at the University of Michigan in the year 2010. The agency was renamed in 2009 after it encountered juridical issues as a consequence of the illegal operations it was found to be engaged in previously.  Agents of this organization generally operate under diplomatic cover for example as employees of US Aid and other welfare organizations. It has been reported that Blackwater in collaboration with the CIA, United States Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Pentagon and the State Department is involved in various activities including but not limited to sabotaging the essence of national solidarity through sponsoring terrorist organizations which prepare suicide bombers, promoting religious fundamentalism and hiring the services of Pakistani quislings to help them in achieving desired sinister goals.

In an article titled “The US Secret War in Pakistan” Jeremy Scahill who is the author of the New York Times bestseller “Blackwater” has affirmed that apart from assisting in organizing and coordinating secret intelligence tasks for JSOC in Uzbekistan in opposition to the Islamic movement which is currently in progress therein, Black water functionaries aid and abet the American Government by indulging in espionage and running an underground equivalent of CIA Drone attacks. According to him the Pentagon has signed an indenture with a local company in Pakistan run by very powerful and high ranking individuals who have strong ties with the owner of Black Water, Eric Prince,” for the purpose of conveying weaponry shipments by ground to Afghanistan from Port Qasim in Karachi under the protection of undercover Black water agents. Additionally he has divulged there is a secret location at Karachi controlled and administered by the JSOC wherein Blackwater agents have been assigned to organize and execute killings of alleged Taliban militants and members of Al-qaeda, to forcefully seize and detain individuals perceived to be highly valuable in some way or the other and other criminal activities within and outside of the country.

In the year 2010, apart from six hundred and fifty American nationals including two hundred US Marines, numerous intelligence functionaries including US Cobras and Black water agents were issued visas by the Pakistani Embassy at Washington with the consent of the Zardari government that deliberately compromised the security of the country in exchange for the usual monetary compensation as well as unconstrained regimental transfer of envoys from Pakistan to Washington. The contrived issuance of multiple visas to US citizens at the demand of the American Government who were not even eligible due to obscure and missing information found on their visa applications in addition to the affording of distinguished rights such as absolute immunity from the official examination of individual personal belongings on arriving at the airport is proof enough that they were intelligence operatives sent to Pakistan on a secret mission.



The spiraling of sectarian violence in Pakistan over the years can be traced back to the report numbered 65533 made available by the Rand Corporation which is one of the top American policy institutes on the 27th of December 2004 in response to the post 9/11 American call for creating mass civil disobedience in the Islamic world. The report proposed that since Sunni Muslims comprise the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world with only fifteen percent of the world’s Muslims being Shias, this vast discrepancy should be thoroughly and methodically misused by inciting sectarian violence to endorse the American agenda of keeping the Islamic block weak and disunited. Iraq was the first Muslim country wherein the said strategy was executed in which regard the CIA engaged RAW and Mossad for the purpose of spreading sectarian unrest therein.

During 2004 Shia Muslims were targeted in some violent terrorist attacks which occurred at Karbala and Baghdad. During that time pro American countries blamed Iran and Al-Qaeda for the happenings.  Thereafter a string of conflicts were initiated wherein Shia and Sunni Muslims of Iraq wreaked havoc against one another by annihilating individual mosques via bomb blasts, suicide attacks and premeditated assassinations of individual religious heads, while the civilians who were completely unmindful of the ground reality held each other liable for the aforementioned incendiary conduct.

After Iraq, Pakistan became the centre of sectarian violence, suicide bombings and terrorist attacks against Shias and other minority groups including Ahmadis, Christians, Sufis and Sikhs backed by RAW, CIA and Moussad. The two main Sunni terrorist groups notorious for targeting Shia Muslims in different cities of Pakistan are the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLA) and Jundollah (Gods soldiers) trained in Afghanistan and provided arms and ammunition by the aforesaid agencies particularly RAW and the CIA. Jundollah also planned and executed several suicide attacks in Iran and the CIA was openly singled out by Tehran for having endorsed them.

It has been reported that RAW is also funding terrorist groups comprising Indian Muslims who have intermingled with Taliban as well as other denominational schisms in Pakistan. While pretending to be stanch practitioners of the Islamic faith, these undercover operatives launch attacks on religious heads and religious sanctuaries of people belonging to different minority Islamic sects and religions for the purpose of inciting sectarian hatred and violence.

It is of particular attention that every so often when there is a terrorist attack against Shia Muslims or any other minority religious group, a message is subsequently circulated through the print and electronic media whereby it is announced that some debarred religious organization has professed accountability for it which is a mere facade assumed by certain factions of the Pakistani media that are on the payroll of the aforesaid agencies to denigrate Pakistan.

The recurrent clashes between the Deobandi Sunni terrorist group called Lashkar-e-Islam aimed at implementing Shariah Law in the Khyber agency area of FATA headed by Mangal Bagh who is well connected with the Afghani Taliban as well as Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and its rival group Ansar-ul-Islam led by Pir Saif-ur-Rahman, have resulted in the loss of two thousand five hundred lives beginning from the year 2008 up till now. Similarly, apart from other regions in Pakistan, over three thousand people have been killed in sectarian clashes at the Khurram Agency situated at the Afghan-Pakistan border. The efforts of the Government of Pakistan to put an end to the warfare by involving various influential tribal chiefs for reconciliatory purposes have proven futile so far because of the strong backing of Afghanistan where RAW has set up secret training academies for the purpose of administering and overseeing illicit covert operations against the State of Pakistan with strategic assistance provided by the CIA and Moussad.

Only recently three members of a terrorist group appointed by Al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were apprehended who barefacedly confessed they were members of the militant faction that has been assigned the task of destabilizing the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and that RAW has been secretly financing suicide bombings all over the country for which purpose it has allocated a sum of Rupees six hundred and eighty million via its ties with the Afghan intelligence.

Additionally they divulged the information that Qari Hussain who heads the militant wing under the sponsorship of the CIA and RAW has been abetting three of his subordinates, namely, Usman aka Shahjee, Tayyab aka Baba, and Ustad the coach for subverting Pakistan. Qari Hussain is entrusted with the duties of training suicide bombers, planting them all through Pakistan and organizing and administering financial support for the breakaway groups of RAW which operates in collaboration with the Afghan intelligence agency called Riyast-i-Amniyat-i-Milli (RAM).

The game plan of foreign intelligence is to afford India the status of the Asian super power, to restrain China and to subvert and denuclearize both Pakistan and Iran.

Given the gravity of the current crisis situation facing the country in the form of major socio economic, political and security issues, it is of utmost importance that the masses should now realize they are being manipulated by external forces and that the only way to save this country from falling apart is for all of us to unite against all odds. This goal can be achieved by following two basic steps. The first step should be to set aside all negligible differences pertaining to provincial and/or sectarian inclination by strictly adhering to the principle of national solidarity. This step requires following Islam which preaches universal brotherhood in letter and spirit.

The second and final step is to collectively identify and oust all corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and pawns within the media and other institutions who are serving foreign interests for personal gain. The second step requires the civilian population to exercise its voting power correctly in order to elect a truly democratic government which serves the interests of its own people rather than those of foreign powers. Apart from that it necessitates the denunciation of black sheep within the media and other institutions who are facilitating foreign elements in spreading false propaganda against Pakistan so as to eliminate them. The forthcoming general elections are a golden opportunity for the general public to get rid of the present incompetent and treacherous leadership and to elect new political representatives with an apparently clean past who are expected to lead this nation into the right direction. Incase this approach fails, a mass revolution is the only remedy.