It has been more than 2 years that 68 Pakistanis were burned alive by Hindu extremist outfit Abhinav Bharat near Mairuth, India, when the Samjotha Express was engulfed in fire after bomb explosions while travelling at high speed. The investigating team led by slain Mumbai ATS chief late Hemant Karkare, murdered by the so-called ‘terrorists in Mumbai mayhem, found evidence that Lt. Col. Purohit was closely linked to Hindu outfit Abhinav Bharat, a religious extremist and terrorist organization of India.





has stronger case of Samjhota Express than India’s Mumbai mayhem because India has allegedly involved Pakistan’s, non-state actors and three, though religious but purely welfare organizations. Though nothing could be proved against Pakistani non-state actors and also against the three welfare organizations as yet, and can not be proved as well because it was just an attempt of Indian government to divert attention of its people towards Pakistan in order to remove Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare so they did and killed him putting the total blame on Pakistan.  



However, the world espionage organizations very well know that RAW & IMI have been involved in ruthless killing of its civilians in a number of self-made incidents in order to malign ISI of Pakistan. For example, killing of 36 innocent Sikhs near Sirinagar just before the visit of Bill Clinton, but the investigations revealed that IMI was directly involved in this heinous crime against one of the minority communities of

India. Moreover, it was also proved by the Anti-Terrorist Squad that  Hindu extremist outfit Abhinav Bharat was fully involved in bombing the Samjhota Express wherein 68 Pakistani citizens were burnt alive, and the investigating team found evidence that Lt. Col. Purohit who was closely linked to Hindu outfit Abhinav Bharat, was directly involved in it. But UNO and its’ ‘elite club’ keeping a blind eye on the terrorist activities of India’s five Hindu extremist religious parties, RSS, Bajrang Dal, BJP, VHP, Hindutva activists-cum-militants belonging to Shiv Sena, a core fundamentalist political outfit and above all Raw and the Indian Military Intelligence were equally involved not only in planning and organizing in terrorist activities across India and Indian-held Kashmir as well.





Whereas Pakistan’s three purely welfare organizations, Jamaatud Dawa, Al_Rashid Welfare Trust and Lashkar-e-Tayyaba of Pakistan, “hurriedly” declared to be banned by UNO through its ‘elite club’, without any investigation and proof, which also hints at that it was already ‘planned’ by US, India and Britain that Pakistan’s religious welfare organizations be banned through UNO so they succeeded in doing it, without any investigations. Whereas, after Indian complaint to UN, in-accordance with standardized procedure, or UNOs SOPs, the Security Council should have appointed a committee to investigate the whole affair at both the sides and submit its recommendations and then a Resolution should have been passed. But, on the other, the UNO took no time in passing Resolution and banned the three welfare organizations.  The UNO could only do it if it was planned in advance and this is a vital proof that the UN is biased against Muslims.

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However, it has been more than a year the Indian police has not been able to prove involvement of Ajmal Kasab in Mumbai mayhem case as he has alleged that the Indian intelligence agency had brought him to Mumbai 2 days before the incidence and he had been caught by Indian intelligence after he lost his passport at the hotel.  On the other on Indian complaint Pakistani intelligence agencies also started investigations about the people whose names had been given by

India but nothing has come out as yet.





On the other India using ‘Mumbai mayhem’ case to off-set Samjhota Express case as well as India had also refused to restart the ‘un-ending and unfruitful talks, on Kashmir, which too is an Indian strategy of befooling Pakistani leaders and the world as well, to keep the issue of settlement of Kashmir on an un-ending ‘talks’, going on for the last 20 years, with no results at all. In fact there was no need for ‘talks’ in the presence of UN Resolution of Plebiscite in Kashmir upon which not only UNO but the international community a well, keeping quite despite knowing that these two countries have now  developed nuclear arms and the next war, on Kashmir issue, could be very devastating but even then the world is silent. May be the west wants to reduce population though atomic war between these two countries.







As a matter of fact the “Mumbai mayhem” was planned, directed, produced and played by RAW + Mossad as how could these men have entered Indian waters? Where were the Indian Coast Guards and the Navy patrols when these men traveled more than 30 hours out of which 10-12 hours in Indian waters, from Karachi, and entered in Mumbai, drove in Taxis and launched their attacks in Mumbai – seems like a joke of the century whereas the Indian coast guards and the naval intelligence people keep on patrolling the area, catching strayed Pakistani fishermen almost 24 hrs a day. Then these men made the city as hostage for almost three days and the Indian special forces kept on struggling to control the situation. This is also surprising that all of India’s intelligence agencies failed miserably in anticipating the terror attacks despite so many intelligence agencies, namely; the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Joint Intelligence Committee, Directorate of Air Intelligence, Directorate of Navy Intelligence, Joint Cipher Bureau, Directorate of Signals Intelligence and Defense Image Processing and Analysis Centre and so on and so forth.








Isn’t it surprising that, out of the above-mentioned agencies, not a single agency could detect arrival of ‘terrorists’ on Indian soil, more importantly from the very sensitive Indo-Pak sea borders. How can so many Indian intelligence agencies overlook guarding the sensitive point of sea-borders with






The late Karkare and his team, murdered by the ‘terrorists’ during Mumbai mayhem, were preparing documents to arrest Lt. Col Purohit and others involved in Malegaon and Samjhota Express cases and he was also receiving threats from several quarters, as informed by his wife who was confident that her husband was murdered by those who used to threat Karkare. And who were they …? Known only to Lt.Col Purohit or the Hindu terrorist extremist religious outfit Abhinav Bharat, that is why she also refused to accept compensation from the Indian police chief, in protest. However, it was something very strange and surprising that despite wearing the bullet proof vest not even one of the four bullets hit on his bullet-proof jacket and all hit on his neck and on the head as the “killers” knew that since he would be wearing bullet-proof vest so he should be hit on the head only, whereas the terrorists never ever consider this factor and they carry on firing indiscriminately.  







Now it is quite likely that the person handed-over the charge, from the stage where the slain police officer and the Mumbai ATS chief late Hemant Karkare left, must be under lot of pressure from the terrorist Hindu religious extremist outfit Abhinav Bharat and also from Indian Military Intelligence, the parent department of the accused Lt. Col Purohit, to insert some changes in the investigative report compiled by the late Hemant Karkare so that by giving benefit of doubt, Lt. Col Purohit and the other members of Indian terrorist organizations, may be released with honor.







Ever since Mumbai mayhem, India has put the Samjhota Express case on the back burner and the RAW + IMI trying their best to hush it up after ‘removing’ the Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare and other officers, from the scene, who investigated the Malegaon Blasts ­in which Praggya Singh, again an army officer and several other noted personalities of the BJP-RSS-Bajrang Dal-VHP were arrested. But the silence on Pakistani side to ask for details of Indian court proceedings so that the culprits of Samjhota Express, including Lt. Col. Purohit is also punished in accordance with the law of the land.

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Since, Lt-Col Purohit, of Indian Military Intelligence, has confessed to his role in the Malegaon blast and also bombing and burning Samjhota Express, therefore, it is expected from the judiciary of the Indian courts, by the relatives of the victims that not only Lt. Col Purohit but all his 10 accomplices as well, be punished according to the law for killing 78 persons and injuring hundreds in both the cases, bombing in Malegaon and bombing and burning of Samjhota Express, exactly as the Indian Court has given death sentence to three Indians, husband & wife and one of their accomplices, involved in Mumbai Train bomb blasts case.







However, the big question is why

Pakistan is quite on Samjhota Express carnage..? If the government deliberately avoiding it to take-up the issue with India or the incompetence prevailing at all levels, starting from the foreign office, foreign secretary, foreign minister and the Prime Minister, or the government needs to be waken-up by the relatives of the 68 Pakistanis burned alive, by crying out on the streets and may start burning  the tires on the roads, creating a law and order situation and then the government is going to wake-up and ask India to give details of the progress of the Samjhota Express burning case which is moving at a snails’ pace ever since Hemant Karkare was ‘murdered’ by the so-called ‘terrorists’.





Isn’t it a fact that by planning and organizing the ‘drama’ of Mumbai mayhem, through RAW, IMI and Mossad, India has been able to put Samjhota Express on the back-burner, got rid of ATS chief Hemant Karkare, succeeded in saving Lt. Col Purohit’s life as well as his job, to continuously work for RAW and other extremist religious outfits of India and also suspended the ‘talks’ on Kashmir. Well, it’s beyond one’s understanding as what Pakistan has got so far in 20 years through these “talks” so much so that when India refused to talk, the Pakistani rulers started begging to resume talks whereas it was a God-given opportunity, a blessing in disguise, to get rid of the “talks” and start asking for implementation of UN Resolution of Plebiscite on Kashmir. Do they really deserve to rule the country like this, with no self-respect..? Oh, so, this is “Democracy”…!!! Three cheer.







Sajjid Ansari writes for Opinion Maker and other English papers.