Four terrorists approached and attacked a mosque located inside officers’ residential area near Parade line Rawalpindi. According to Major General Athar Abbass Director General ISPR 37 individuates embraced Shahadat and 75 injured. 17 children and seven army officers have been martyred. All victims of terrorists were offering their Friday prayer.  Two terrorists entered in the mosque and blew themselves. Meanwhile two others started firing on the worshipers while standing outside the mosque.  Security forces personnel in the area responded immediately and killed two terrorists in exchange of fire. Reportedly, More than 200 people have been killed and many injured in the last 15 blasts of Rawalpindi since 1987. Early on December 2, 2009 Islamabad, A suicide bomber blew himself up outside Pakistan’s naval headquarters in Islamabad killing a guard and injuring two navy soldiers. It is notable here that the attack on the mosque was the ninth violent assault in the past 18 months.
President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani strongly condemned the bomb blast and killing of several persons. In their messages, they expressed condolence over the loss of innocent lives and stated that the government and security forces are committed to root out terrorism at all cost from the country.
The attacks on mosques cannot be carried out by the Muslims, which mean there are some hidden hands which are busy in destabilization of Islamic nuke power. Let’s find out which are those elements that are fanning terrorism against Islam.
The current attacks came just after U.S. President Barack Obama’s announcement of increasing troops and dramatic escalation from Afghanistan in next eighteen months. Pakistan has already shown her concern over likely deployment of American troops in Afghanistan. Islamabad fear seems to be genuine since President Obama has not said anything over Indian interference in the area. Pakistan authority has already shown Indian involvement proves to CIA chief during his recent visit to the country.  In fact India is busy in sabotaging Pakistan Security Forces victory against terrorism.  
On December 3, 2009 foreign office spokesman Mr. Abdul Basit very clearly stated that India is launching and supporting militancy in Pakistan. He also mentioned that proofs of Indian involvement in Balochistan and FATA would be disclosed at appropriate time.  Pak Interior Minister and Pak army spokesman have already disclosed that Indian arms, medical equipments have been captured during the current operation against militants in Waziristan. Thus, it would be taken as fact that militants are being trained and supported by some foreign hands.
The preparing of explosive, making IDES, RDX cannot be done by the locals. Numbers of unexploded and unused RDX boxes have been found during the on going operation. The boxes were marked with “Made in India”. The suicidal bombers arrested have acknowledged that they have been trained by Israeli and Indian intelligences agencies in the camps located in Afghanistan.
It is also mentionable here that  militants have frequency hopping radios which cannot be  found in open market since the FHR works on classified frequencies and once compromised, they are useless. The terrorists are being properly taught how to use these radio equipments. They have also been provided with weapons and funding through foreign embassies.  
The covert hands have set objectives of targeting Pakistan security forces, hitting Nuke programme, creating political destabilization and destroying economy. Obama’s recent speech is not going to bring major changes toward her victory, since he is losing the war. Afghanistan has become a bleeding wound for USA which is draining its military as well as financial strength. They are stuck there. The oil and gas they wanted to get out of Central Asia through Afghanistan and Pakistan is proving to be very expensive for them. They can’t even get out of there now.
On the other hand, America is also supporting Israel against Arabs. Thus her economy is continuously depleting. She wants to leave the region while leaving behind India as her watchdog. But India has to visualize that what will happen to her once USA leaves the region. The Indian camps located in Afghanistan would prove to be a very expensive affair both in men and material.
India is not ready to talk with Pakistan and preparing her nation for the next war. She has started targeting even innocent people with a view to force Pakistan to invest her forces on interior security. The government has vehemently condemned the attackers as false Muslims, saying that these are hired killers. They are not fighting for the Islam.
The religious Scholars, social and political personalities and leaders must come forward to condemn the actions of brutality against innocent people. The must also disclose the international conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan. The attack on a mosque in Rawalpindi is also one of the planned terrorists’ acts of anti state element.
The writer is a regular writer for Opinion Maker. He has sound inside information when he comments upon such issues.