After successfully launching its operations in Lahore and Islamabad, Easy Taxi, the largest taxi booking

app in the world, has now launched in Karachi. Pakistan’s public transportation system as a whole is less

than satisfactory and same goes for Pakistan’s business hub.

Commenting on the launch of Easy Taxi in Karachi, Country Manager Adam Ghaznavi said, “At Easy Taxi

we aim to provide hassle free and reliable transportation services. In Karachi, arguable the busiest city

of the country, our service will provide a much needed solution for commuters from all segments of the


The launch of 3G services in Pakistan will help Easy Taxi further expand its operations and will allow

them to provide unparalleled services. For instance, with 3G connections, Easy Taxi users will be able to

track their ordered taxi in real time on their smartphone.

The GPS tracking system installed in the cabs ensures security of users at all times. Furthermore, Easy

Taxi’s drivers are chosen after a careful screening process, which guarantees that a cab ride through the

company’s services is safe and convenient.

The Easy Taxi app is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Keeping in mind the limited users of smartphones

in the country, Easy Taxi also has a phone number and a 24/7 functional customer service center. In

addition, customers can also SMS the word ‘TAXI’ to 9900 to order their taxi.