By Ammarah Rao

Pakistan is going through a tumultuous period of its history, many external and internal elements are making situation more chaotic. While the time border situation is also becoming sensitive and inside insurgencies are flaring-up. In the mean while, Tahir ul Qadri (TuQ) demands heavy security forces for his long march also demanding to abolish the political government. Although, TuQ is protesting to abolish the present government but Rehman Malik seems in perfect form to provide full security and protocol according to TuQ demands.

As far as, blames are concerned that TUQ is hurling on current government are absolutely accurate. But his demands are based on his own interest which are shrouded for he is a foreign national. However, corruptions of present government are not vague before public. And this government might be worst political government but democracy or elected government is always better even than the best dictatorship. We need to keep our mind and eyes open rather than to follow a ‘blind bull’.

TuQ did not come to launch such type of ‘Provoking March’ in any dictator government because he knew the consequences of it. This is the beauty of democracy which allows a peace-full protest. But his long march is like a ‘blind bull’ who has fixed his eye on red spot. He does not take care of boarder situation which is becoming sensitive and inside insurgencies are also flaring-up. And in the mean while Tahir ul Qadri (TuQ) demands heavy security forces for his long march. He does not care about the recent causalities in Quetta incident and with current chaos of Pakistan.

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Whereas, Imran knows that twenty five (25) crore are more vital for Pakistan. Imran is a genuine leader who does not need protest with money. Courage is his only source to stand-up with the victims of Quetta explosion.  Imran khan is a man with courage who does not demand any container in any protest. He uses to sleep on road with public. He believes in that Pakistan is moving towards political stability. Whether this is a chaotic political government but what the ‘blind bull’ is doing is making situation more chaotic. This is second full tenure of elected government. Now Imran has emerged as a popular leader in Pakistan. People got fed up from the corruptive behaviors of all other parties. And wise lay man does not want any ‘blind bull’.

Why he seems like a ‘blind bull’? because what speaks is not a reflection of his action. He is sitting in a comfortable container and so-called followers are wandering on chilled roads. Where are his kids and family to sacrifice with lay-man???

His slogan for change is just an eye wash because his points and slogans are going to change according to the political situation and judiciary’s normal herring decisions.  He never came from Canada to fight against dictator system but now he wants to blindly run over the political system. And, Imran has spent his two decades in Pakistan for political stability. He is as consistent as he used to say and if people think that Imran would join TuQ then it would happen only on Imran’s terms and conditions which have always been crystal clear for every party. Imran would never want to run his party in a blind way as a ‘blind bull’.

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TuQ gives examples of other corrupt politicians who had been in abroad for long time but at least they came back far before him. Pakistan has a history which is filled by such preachers who came in the name of ALLAH and snatched down the political pillars. He is a wise ‘Allama’ of Islamic literature and could have very beneficial and influential to change any extremist thought but he is doing an opponent job. Whereas, the recent explosion in Quetta has flaring-up sectarian factions and he is giving another extremist wave of the sectarian flood.

He is comparing himself with every revolutionary muslim leader and system but never sounds didactic while presenting such comparisons. However, leaders do not need to compare himself on his own because history is more capable to name them. There are few groups who blamed Imran as ‘Taliban Khan’; few called him ‘Islamic fundamentalist’. Some said ‘Imran is Zionist’ and ‘Rushdie’ compared imran with Col. Muhammar el Kaddafi. So far, state and Islam rival energy consistently generates arguments and waves against Imran but he is consistent in his loyal views.

Political analyst has critique on him that he has to focus to strengthen his party especially his right wing. This suggestion has logic but imran must be care full to make coalition party. Few analysts have suggested that, Imran should go for coalition with TuQ but Imran has perpetual and discernible lines of agreement which are based with Pakistan favor by all means. He has opened-up his inner and outer eyes and would never like to act as a ‘blind bull’.

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Now, let’s see where this ‘bull’ is going to stop and what damages are possible to be happened in his ‘long march’. But till the date he has not been able to gather few thousand people among nighteen (19) crore of population.