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By Dr Ghayur Ayub:
Obama is desperate to show the American people that he can crush Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in FATA and help the locals economically. Upper Kurrum could turn out to be his dream come true if it becomes a launching pad to achieve those aims.

Solving the problem of Israel/Palestine isn’t rocket science: the solution is obvious. We just have to get serious about it. By Roger Tucker A brief history Due to recent events, things are coming to a head in the Middle East. As Israel becomes more belligerent and aggressive, more committed than ever to using overwhelming force […]

By Debbie Menon A year ago, Americans were reluctant to discuss Zionism or anti-Zionism or read the stuff, even “moderate  Arabs and Muslims” (whatever that means) , shied away from the communities around these two camps and lacked the strength to support the few that might have had, the guts to stand up and confront […]

Local political pressures are mounting on the Party of God Part IV of a series on the campaign to enact civil rights for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon The current relationship between Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Hezbollah is not as clear cut as often assumed, despite the frequent inspiring brotherly words of Hezbollah’s leadership and […]

By Dr Franklin Lamb In Lebanon this month, like spring flowers, proposals to give Palestinians the right to work are bursting out all over Part III of a six part series on securing Palestinian Civil Rights in Lebanon Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp, Beirut This year, the Merry Month of May in Lebanon includes Labor day, […]

WORLD MUST TAKE A NOTE OF THE REAL EVIL By Sajjad Shaukat Taking cognizance of the growing threat of global terrorism which has been dividing the Western and Islamic nations on cultural and religious lines since 9/11, American and European governments have already started inter-faith dialogue especially between the Christian and the Muslim nations. In […]

DUBAI) – Mark Perry in his recent article in Foreign Policy journal “Petraeus wasn’t the First,” describes succinctly, the opposition to U.S. support for Israel, the rationale for it, and the cover-up on it among American publishers[1]. It is extremely valuable reading recommends Alison Weir, the executive director of the website   IF AMERICANS KNEW,  […]

Israel is right to worry. It was never legitimate. As both an enabler and a target of this fraud, the U.S. has an obligation to concede its source—and to secure the weapons of mass destruction now under the control of this enclave. ..Jeff Gates begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

It can be said without fear of contradiction (except by Zionists) that what de-legitimizes Israel is the truth of history. And that is why Zionism has worked so hard, today with less success than in the past and therefore with increasing desperation, to have the truth suppressed….Alan Hart