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Nikah nama Attestation from Qatar Embassy While working in Qatar, you are at some point expected to get your documents attested. If you are married you can be asked to verify your marriage certificate to make sure that you and your wife are legal immigrants and have gone through proper channels to work and stay […]

By R R Tanoli We don’t know what were the motives of the lunatic Sikandar? But it is crystal clear that he is neither a terrorist nor he actually demanded Islamic Shariah. There must be something happened to him which has discharged his trust in the prevailing judicial system resulted in its dejection and a […]

Headley’s Real Connections By Sajjad Shaukat During her latest visit to Pakistan on July 19 this year, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the interrogation of David Headley, a Pakistani-American terror suspect linked to the Mumbai attacks, has thrown up a “revealing set of facts” that have been shared with Pakistani authorities. She […]

It is paradoxical that the US notorious for worst human rights violations and being the biggest violator of law today stands up as a pleader of human rights and upholder of law. Its past gory acts are too many to recount. It has turned Iraq and Afghanistan into killing grounds where over 1.6 million have been hacked to death; millions injured critically, tens of thousands rendered homeless, widowed and orphaned. Thousands have suffered gruesome tortures in US run infamous jails, which have so far not been closed despite world protest and commitment given by Obama. George W. Bush and his team of neo-cons along with Tony Blair should have been tried as war criminals for the crimes committed against humanity and that too under false pretexts…Brig Asif Haroon Raja