Social housing schemes are often perceived in a negative light. However, this point of view largely overlooks the significant benefits that countries receive when they encourage the development of affordable housing.


Pakistan’s best online property portal, Lamudi, looks at five social housing schemes that are currently in place in the emerging markets. Each project provides a considerable boost to the economic and social welfare of these nations.


Country: Pakistan

Project: Large-scale Affordable Housing Project

During a two-day conference held in May this year, attended by experts from Canada, France and Malaysia, the government of Pakistan proposed the launch of a housing scheme to provide affordable housing to 40 million families. With partnerships from the private sector, this unique project is expected to promote growth within both the real estate market and the country’s economy. The country is currently facing a deficit of nine million houses. With help from the Housing Finance Credit Guarantee Scheme, the project aims to provide individuals with loans. The Housing Building Finance Corporation will also be available to assist these home-buyers.   

Country: Sri Lanka

Project: House For Life

With almost 23 percent of people living below the poverty line, Sri Lanka is seeking to offer affordable, well-built homes to low income groups. Holciam Lanka, the provider of cement, addressed the housing issue in 2005 and launched the House for Life project. In partnership with microfinance provider Ceylinco Gramen, this project allows micro-entrepreneurs to borrow money to buy a home. These houses are uniquely built and designed as quality shop houses with cost-effective solutions, equipping each family with free space to run a small business. With attention paid to environmental factors, the houses are built using locally-produced cement, along with other locally-sourced building materials such as tiles, bricks and steel.


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Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Project: The Home Savings Scheme

The end of July marks a special event, the completion of the Home Savings Scheme housing project in Seychelles Costing Dh33 million by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD). Seychelles being one of the first region to receive financial aid, the project consists of the construction of 106 residential properties along with infrastructure, such as water networks, roads and parks. The ADFD managed the construction of the project on behalf of the government to improve the living standards of low income UAE residents.