Successful Kalat operation 

Sarfraz BugtiBy Qudsia Farhat

 A scion of the Bugti tribe, the current Home Minister of Balochistan, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti has confirmed that over 30 militants involved in attacks on passenger trains and security forces, bomb blasts and other subversive activities have been killed in the operation against their hideouts. Addressing a Press Conference, Mr. Bugti informed that the special operation wing of the Frontier Corps (FC) and Kalat Scouts (FC Wing) had set up a special team for the operation after receiving information about presence of insurgents and their hideouts in Kalat and Khuzdar districts. FC launched a search operation in Paeroth of Kalat District and destroyed eight to ten camps. The operation that lasted for several hours was bravely fought by the FC, who suffered the casualties of ten personnel injured. The armed persons, who put up a bloody fight but were killed in the operation belonged to banned militant organizations which are involved in subversive activities in Kalat and Khuzdar districts and other areas of the province. The Home Minister stated that the slain miscreants were involved in attacks on passenger trains and security forces, while the camps were being used for terrorist activities in the province. He also informed that a huge quantity of illegal arms and ammunition was found in the militants’ hideouts captured by the forces.

The strife torn province of Balochistan is being torn asunder by Baloch Sub-Nationals, who are being funded by external sources bent upon instigating the Balochis to actively participate in insurgency. The foreign sponsored anti state outfits like Baloch Liberation Army, United Baloch Army and Baloch Republican Army have been constantly involved in killing of innocent and poor Pakistanis in train bomb blasts, destruction of national assets like Gas pipelines, railway tracks and other infrastructure in a bid to destabilize the state of Pakistan.

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Ample evidence is available, indicating Indian interference in the province of Balochistan and indulgence of Indian secret service RAW in sedition, recruitment, training, arming and launching insurgents to stage a proxy war. Unfortunately, some western powers too have jumped in the fray to indirectly gain control of the rich mineral resources of Balochistan as well as gain access to the strategic deep water port of Gwadar.

Intelligence sources have confirmed that Ferrari Camps located in far off mountains are sanctuaries for these terrorists where they indulge in lavish living. They have been provided sophisticated equipment and gadgets to enable them in their anti state activities. The same have been recovered from these areas following hard fought operations by the FC and other Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA). The recovered equipment includes non detectable satellite phones, solar panels and state of the art weapons. The Ferrari camps have also been found to have elaborate plans to conduct subversion and sabotage operations in the province. Their defenses were well planned and weapon system sited in a deliberate and well planned manner. There are clear proofs of foreign involvement as no indigenous movement worth its name can afford to have such high tech and end sophisticated gadgets.

The insurgents have been targeting their own kith and kin, in an attempt to traumatize them and coerce them into joining them in their heinous agenda. Take the example of the horrible bomb attack on the Jaffar Express, a passenger train, in which a bomb attack close to the town of Sibi, resulted in the death of seventeen persons including women and children and more than forty injured.

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The fatal bomb attack was in retaliation to the successful operation by the paramilitary troops, FC, a day earlier. If the Baloch Sub Nationals (BSN) involved in their odious conspiracy of separatism, think they can succeed in their agenda, they are sadly mistaken. The average Balochis being poor live in squalor and poverty but they still bear the resolve to resist the attempts of the traitors, bent upon creating chaos and mayhem. The perpetrators of such malicious and dastardly attacks may have lost their sense of morality and human compassion. Foreign agencies may acquire the loyalties of the BSN, who are willing to sell themselves for petty gains and readily fulfill the objectives of foreign masters but the average Baloch will not be swayed in its patriotic attachment to Pakistan.

The armed BSN elements are defaming patriotic Balochis by committing heinous crimes. They fail to take into cognizance that honorable Baloch brethren are united and are willing to put up a collective response to counter BSN elements to undermine their nefarious designs aimed at weakening the state of Pakistan and tarnishing its image.
At the same time, the LEAs are ready to sacrifice their lives to save their Balochi brethren from foreign sponsored anti state Baloch sub nationalists. Pakistan Army’s relief effort in Awaraan Earthquake is testimony of their resolve to sacrifice everything for helping their Baloch brothers in distress, agony and grief.  Now it is the duty of our Baloch brothers to identify anti-state elements sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan and get secluded from them. BSN elements are bringing bad name to noble people of Balochistan and therefore must be condemned assertively.

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BSNs have been terrorizing the province of Balochistan and especially the Khuzdar region. In March, a number of mass graves were discovered, where the BSNs had slaughtered innocent Balochi youth and buried them in mass graves. The modus operandi of the BSN is straightforward. They demand the Balochi youth to join them in their anti state activities and follow the path of rebellion and terrorism. If they fail to submit to the demands of the BSN, some of them are summarily killed to serve as an example so that others are traumatized to join them. So far the Baloch youth have been resisting the threats despite the killing and mayhem but for how long. If law and order is to be maintained in the troubled province, more severe operations like the one at Kalat will have to be planned and executed otherwise innocent Balochi youth will continue to be targeted by the BSN.