Man holds Islamabad at gunpoint for 5 hours

Man holds Islamabad at gunpoint for 5 hours

By R R Tanoli

We don’t know what were the motives of the lunatic Sikandar? But it is crystal clear that he is neither a terrorist nor he actually demanded Islamic Shariah. There must be something happened to him which has discharged his trust in the prevailing judicial system resulted in its dejection and a voice for implementing the Shariah. In a society where no heed is paid to the life of commoners always prone to such kind of drama which we all have witnessed yesterday. A society which is occupied with a host of problems and challenges both internally and externally has no concern on the so called meager issues of its civilians. Many atrocities perpetrated against the people remained unchecked. Our media thinks that to cover social injustice is a frivolous activity because this will not generate bucks for them in the shortest possible time. Therefore social infringements have endangered the life of the poor. The government which is already entangled with Taliban led militancy, nationalist insurgency, ethnic political and sectarian violence and above all fiery statements over cross border firing along with perturbed eastern border situation is seems to be oblivious to the miseries faced by its citizen. A man who is suffering from attention deficit disorder always trying to indulge in activities which disturb the surroundings and this is what happened yesterday.

This triviality from the authorities resulted in grief, abuse, depression, anger, intolerance, suicide, drug addictions and all the blues of a society which has tended to prevail like a plague. Psychological studies clearly explained that extreme emotional distress is caused by the circumstances around the patient. If the masses are not enjoying the right balance of opportunities, resources and hope, they can get tired and hopeless resulted in anxiety and depression which is the primary cause of mental disorders like the one we had watched and detested last night. According to HRCP annual report, “Some 5,000 to 7,000 people commit suicide each year in Pakistan and there are approximately 50,000 to 150,000 cases of attempted suicides across Pakistan.” This is how suicide bombers have an increasing number of births in Pakistan and in my opinion this could be one of the causes of “hara kiri” attempted by Sikandar.

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GTA Islamabad (“Grand Theft Auto, is a video game series named as one of the most universally acclaimed gaming franchises. According to The Guinness World Records 2008 and 2009 Gamer’s Edition, it is the most controversial video game series in history, with over 4,000 articles published about it, which include accusations of glamorizing violence, corrupting gamers, and connection to real life crimes.” Source: Wikipedia) was live telecasted last night but if we look into the statistical data then we come to recognize that there were many others like him but was not able to catch the attention of the media or any other governmental officials otherwise we would suffer a complete series GTA in every nook and crannies of this nation.

The final thing which demands our attention is regarding the security collapse. We don’t know whether it was a planned act of government in order to divulge the attention from the core issues or the lunatic act of a megalomaniac but one thing is quite sure that even one armed person could be able to molest the entire security echelons of the federal city. How a person along with his family equipped with automatics could enter the red zone? We all are waiting and expecting some truth to be shown up.

Intolerance is prevailing in our society and this resulted in the pugnacious attitude of people towards each other in general and specifically towards the regime. There is a dire need for policy development on a national level to tackle the menace of injustice. The overall pattern of distribution in a society ought to be brought into the line with the principles of equality. There seems to be a strong association between poor socioeconomic conditions and suicide in Pakistan. Government must implement social policies that are just, equitable and fair that address the problems of the common man so that in future there should be no such kind of incident displaying an awful picture of a country in the whole world.