Pakistan Army a vital link for national harmony, development and integration.

By Yousaf Alamgirian

Development for all’ is the phenomenon to enable all members of the society to play pivotal role in their respective spheres. Due to the decades long elite led system of the governments and the political chaos in the country many of the areas remained undeveloped. Balochistan is the province which has seen numerous experiences during the course of time. People who use to blame the governments for its backwardness were some how or the other had been part of the said governments. Most of the political leadership kept on doing gimmicks in the name of backwardness of the province and tactfully inculcated the germs of hatred among the youth of the province against the state. Many of the quota seats remained vacant in civil servant jobs due to non availability of the right candidates from the province. As for the technical and professional education like medical and engineering are concerned that remained a dream for the youth due to non availability of the quality education in the province.

The deprivation would haven’t been converted into anger and hatred against the state if the quarters concerned had played their role in provision of the basic rights and of course the education and awareness to the general masses. Despite hectically engaged in securing the boundaries of the motherland and fighting war on terrorism Pakistan army under the leadership of its chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has stepped forward to deliver its maximum to take Balochistan on the highway of development, awareness, empowerment by making its youth professionally strong enough to compete the world.


General Kayani has inaugurated Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (QIMS) which will be a landmark in the health sector. Mr. Ainullah Shams Balochistan health minister apprised the audience that it would be the second ever medical college in the province after 1972 when Bolan medical college was established. Obviously it was tough for a single medical facility to coup up the needs of the province. The students will be facilitated in the medical institute being established in the heart of the capital city. It’s the unique example of offering professional medical knowledge to the youth at their doorstep. The same has been completed within a record one year time. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani reiterated that QIMS sort of institutions were not for the commercial purposes. First ever session of the institute will be starting in the month of November. The most powerful aspect of the said institute is resolve of the COAS that more than of 80 percent of the students will be taken from among the youth of Balochistan. Despite this Pakistan army is running about 44 schools and 6 colleges in which 23,322 Balochi students are under education. Under the Chamalang beneficiary program 4418 students are getting education in different educational institutes of the country, which includes Lawrence College Murree, PAF public school lower topa, divisional public schools and army public schools.

It gives an in-depth gratification that the present military leadership is pertinent to give boost to the Balochi youth towards positive aspects of life by providing them life time opportunity to gain professional excellence in certain fields. COAS heartily expressed that “strong Balochistan is the base of strong Pakistan”.

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The elements which are behind unrest in the certain areas of Balochistan province are in fact after stability of the country. Proofs of neighboring countries both Islamic and non Islamic have been found that the same are actively supporting subversive elements to malign government, security forces and intelligence agencies which work in greater interest of the motherland. Media’s role in it is really very important as it should highlight the positive steps taken at the part of the civil government and the army to improve the aggravated situation of the province and not to give hype to the people working against this land. So in the ongoing environment when some of the elements are behind peace of Balochistan and specially the capital city Quetta by initiating target killing sort of crimes which create uncertainty among the masses efforts like maintaining law and order at the part of FC Balochistan are appreciable.

Pakistan army is not only concerned about the subversive elements active in the province but is going all out to do its best in the fields of education, health and sports as well. COAS in his recent visit to Quetta also inaugurated Garrison sports complex at Khojak Road, Quetta which is like a centre point between civil area and the cantonment. It is going to provide state of the art facilities to the sportsmen of the province. Balochistan is no doubt a place of daring and brave people who believe in tough sports like boxing, karate, judo, taike wando etc. The sports complex which is the brain child of the Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Javed Zia has provided the first ever well equipped gym and sports facility to the locals. It will help diverting youth’s attention from negative activities towards positive and healthy activities like sports.

  Salim Ghauri Netsols CEO