By Sajjad Shaukat

American sources suggested that Muslims were involved in the tragic incident of the 9/11. All the pilots who crashed planes at the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre were Arabs. According to American research institutes, few Arabic youth took regular flying lessons after undergoing terrorists training. They were trained within America, how strange that the American security agencies were ignorant of it. Most of these pilots alleged to be involved in this attack were from Saudi Arabia and few from Egypt.

Now to be noted is that why did America attack Afghanistan and Iraq, while no Afghans and Iraqis participated in the terrorist events of 9/11 and no finger was raised on Egypt and Saudi Arabia from where the pilots were involved.

Without any evidence and without wasting any time, within minutes American media like CNN and FOX News etc. and some of the commentators started to point fingers at  Osama Bin Laden that he is hiding in Afghanistan to provide financial backing to the terrorists; this accusation was rejected by Osama. The whole thing was well orchestrated, every thing was going like a text book lesson. The US invaded Afghanistan with its might, testing all the latest weaponry that included depleted uranium and daisy cutters. Old horses of destruction, the B 52 Stratofortresses were deployed for high altitude carpet bombings, the adverse affects of this on the Afghan population is another debate that left many as mental wrecks. Already a country that had suffered the Soviet aggression and the warlords game of power was put to further destruction.  At that time, men of conscience even within America raised questions about the evidence and involvement of Osama in this heinous game. Though later it was proved that 9/11 was an inside doing that US government is not prepared to accept.

And now events in the eight years since the September 11 tragedy have proved that this terrorist incident was part of the strategic game to control the routes to the Central Asian states and their mineral wealth besides denuclearizing Pakistan.

Although the regime of the Taliban was removed, yet they regrouped themselves, and started guerrilla warfare against the US-led NATO forces. In order to justify support for its aggressiveness, Washington started using terminology like Islamic extremism and ‘Talibanisation.’ The real purpose behind this attack was not to arrest Osama or to remove the Taliban government, but to use them as scapegoat to fulfill a number of aims in relation to the strategic game. Actually the real purpose was to occupy the mineral resources of Central Asian states and control the routes for transporting it to the world.


Besides, Pakistan’s province, Balochistan where China has invested billions of dollars to develop Gwadar seaport which could link Central Asian trade with rest of the world, irritates the US including its other partners in crime like India and Israel. Due to Balochistan the central gravity of the Great Game has shifted to Pakistan. Notably, Washington which signed a deal of civil nuclear technology with New Delhi wants to counterbalance China by making India the superpower of Asia. In this regard, a cold war has already started between the US and China.

As a ‘nuclearised’ Pakistan will be the arena of the next cold war, hence American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad are creating instability by supporting separatist and hostile elements in Balochistan and other cities of our country. In this respect, besides suicide attacks and assaults on Pakistan’s security personnel, other incidents like kidnappings and killings of Iranians and Chinese engineers in the last three years might be cited as example.

It is mentionable that in 2005 when the work on the Gwadar port was completed, the tension in Balochistan was at its peak. Dozens of Chinese engineers working on port were murdered or wounded. The situation was so unstable that the Chinese Premier, the chief guest for the inauguration of the port had to go back to Islamabad. Chinese intelligence did not allow him to proceed to Gwadar. But our media analysts were not ready to tell the truth to the nation that the real cause of tension was the development of Gwadar by Chinese, while the USA, India and Israel were not very happy about it.

In this context, the problem was not restricted to Balochistan alone, it also related to the Karakorum Highway, which was extended to Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and the tribal areas of Pakistan. The fight in the name of Islam started in Bajor, Malakand and Swat, when in 2004; China signed an agreement with the government of Pakistan for an extension of the historical highway from Gilgat to Swat, passing through Dir and Chitral. That highway was named the Karakorum Highway phase II.

As soon as some parts of that plan were brought to world’s attention, a siren went off in the capitals of some countries—especially Washington, New Delhi and Tel Aviv. The USA took it as a threat to its global plans, and India felt that it threatened its integrity. American close ally, Israel also took it as a greater threat from an Islamic country.

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Pakistan’s external enemies, while fighting a secret war in Balochistan have been very successful in keeping China away from Gwadar Port and in weakening Pakistan by supporting the insurgents and separatists. And even, they have deprived Balochs from availing the economic benefits of the Gawadar.

However, a similar strategy was adopted by the CIA, RAW and Mossad which have been supporting and funding the Taliban through their Muslim agents who have joined the rank and file of the Al Qaeda-related Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. So keeping in mind the love of the people of these areas for Islam, propaganda was launched about Osama and the main leadership of Al Qaeda being parent in these regions. With their claim that these areas are a threat to the west, British and US media have already been heavily propagating that the Taliban who are hiding particularly in Pakistan’s tribal areas and Balochistan, launch attacks on US and NATO Forces and return back to their hides in these areas. Western media also propagated that the next plot for a terrorist attack in the United States and Europe will be prepared in Pakistan’s tribal regions.

Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai also started alleging the tribal areas for interference in Afghanistan. He even blamed ISI and the Pak-Army for financially supporting the Taliban to fight against the allied forces. When this did not have any effect, American generals, their secretary of state and the head of the CIA also expressed concern about ISI and Pak-Army regarding the Taliban. Based on mutual benefit, the US, Israel and some western countries also encouraged India to utilize its old relationships with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to halt the development of the Gwadar Port and the trade route to China.

America has specific reasons to prevent China from using the Gwadar seaport. But India just avails the opportunity to create instability in Pakistan to fulfill its dream of disintegrating the latter. In Afghanistan, many Indian offices are working to recruit jobless youth from Pakistani tribal areas and then sending them to India where they get terrorist training from the camps, secretly established by RAW. Tribal youth were deceived and they have also been sending to the camps somewhere within Afghanistan as well. In these training camps, they are first of all brain washed, then trained for terrorist acts— guerrilla warfare and then are being sent to Pakistan. In this regard, RAW is being helped by Israeli Army and the Mossad.

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In this respect, Indian embassy and its offices in Afghanistan were converted to military operational headquarters against Pakistan. The propaganda against Islam and Islamic extremism has already been attracting the western world. The terrorist attacks in Pakistan in the name of Islamic extremism, especially the suicide attacks, made world intelligentsia extremely worried about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Terrorists especially targeted army buildings and armed personnel. Suicide bombers appeared from somewhere to target the ISI and members of the air force and army. The Pak-army restrained from retaliation to avoid killing of the innocent people. This makes them vulnerable to two types of attack: physical attacks by guerrillas in the tribal areas and media attacks from analysts who view their casualties as a Pathan’s revenge and a reaction to their deployment in tribal areas.

The reality in the tribal areas is that under the cover of the Taliban, there are not only trained agents of India and Afghanistan, fighting the Pak-army, but the regular army of both countries is also fighting. This is fully supported by US tactically. Despite it, Pakistan’s armed forces have broken the backbone of the insurgents in Buner, Swat, Malakand, South Waziristan and other tribal regions. Now, there is only pocket resistance in some areas. In fact, if Pak army had not been sent to these areas, the situation would have been much worse.

It is due to the indirect backing of the foreign powers that the true agenda of these militants is neither peace nor implementing Islamic Law, but to destabilise Pakistan and Iran. In this connection, a terrorist organization, called the Jundallah which is being supported by the same external powers, has already been conducting subversive attacks on the Iranian Shias in Iran and Pakistan.

Now eight years developments since 9/11 have proved that there is a strategic game behind the propaganda of the ‘Talibanisation,’ which has set the whole region on fire.

Sajjad Shaukat is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker. He writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations.