By Dr. Haider Mehdi

“What is happening in Pakistan is a well-drawn plan between the west and the  leaders of Pakistan. Soon there would be turmoil in Pakistan and civil war-like conditions would be created. Baluchistan would eventually be given to Afghanistan.

 USA’s agenda of punishing the Muslims after 9/11, would be incomplete without breaking Pakistan. oon, the nuclear assets of Pakistan would also be destroyed. USA, Israel, UK, India, Russia and China are all part of the game. Sooner the Pakistan breaks, the better.”

The above-quoted comments were emailed to me by Kumar Madan, an Indian national, in the early hours of October 11th, 2011, immediately after my article “Telling Lies in Democratic Pakistan” appeared in Opinion Maker and became accessible on the Internet.

Indeed, the Indian ultra-Hindu nationalist supporters of “Akhand Bahrat” and Hindu supremacy have the right to indulge in wishful thinking, self-deception, hate, misperception, or in denying the historical reality of Pakistan’s permanent existence. But that in itself cannot cause Pakistan’s destruction or its ceasing to exist as a nation.

Nations go into political oblivion only by self-destructive conduct. If any harm comes to Pakistan or if it faces an existentialist threat, it can come only from within.  The fact is that a massive mismanagement of state affairs and the failure of its national institutions—a governance process that is directly linked to the management performance and the political conduct of national managers – is underway.  The questions that arise are:  Does present-day Pakistan face a leadership crisis? Does it face a political management exigency? Is it faced with injudicious, dangerous and crucial political misjudgments, critical misconduct and undemocratic political behavior of its ruling elite?

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The fact of the matter is that today’s Pakistan is going through a period of deliberately manufactured, inexpediently imposed and purposefully managed political-financial crises that are being explicitly engineered by its ruling Zardari-Gilani PPP regime and the strategic long silence of the main opposition leaderships, inclusive of PML(N). It is said that Asif Ali Zardari is an extremely determined individual: People who know him well say that he knows how to play his cards right and he is consistently and dangerously focused on the use of political power and manipulative tactics in the pursuit of his personal objectives, irrespective of any ethical or behavioral constraints. He is known to subscribe to the notion that the ends justify all means. The grapevine has it that Asif Ali Zardari once said that he wants to be the richest man in the world. To own and control the entire Pakistani industrial and commercial network will make his dream come true –if he’s not already one of the richest men on the planet.

Pakistan’s national industrial and commercial infrastructure is in absolute financial crisis: Pakistan Railways is shutting down, PIA is winding up, the energy sector has unending problematics, the power grids are shut down, WAPDA is under immense debt, the steel industry is incurring tremendous losses, the national industrial sector is in a nosedive, the national debt has increased manifold, education and health sector funds are depleted, water resources are exhausted, dams do not generate enough electricity and domestic water taps do not run, gas is unavailable and kitchen stoves cannot be ignited, cars mostly have empty tanks and so on, and so forth. And yet, the PPP apologists allude to the political genius and the master politicians that the PPP incumbent regime have produced so far to serve the common citizens of their country. Ironic, is it not?

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The economic and financial failure of all national commercial and industrial enterprises, being purposefully engineered by years of planning by the incumbent top PPP leadership, is aimed at total privatization –  turning over the corporate control to Zardari and Associates private management. The President has already hinted at setting up private boards to acquire and run the management of major national institutions such as the railways and the energy sector.  Soon in all probability PIA will cease to exist and a private airline company will take over its worldwide routes. If the PPP incumbent regime survives any longer, every national asset in Pakistan will go on sale. And, of course, Zardari-Gilani regime’s entrepreneurial associates will have a field day. Indeed, it will have the blessing of US-Western patronage.

Recently, the Zardari-Gilani regime was able to instantly resolve the energy crisis (of course, though, temporarily), terror and slaying were stopped in Karachi, ASF salaries were increased overnight by the President, the victims of terror were promised cash compensations and the political reconciliation process with the MQM went into top gear.  On the other hand, the main opposition party, the PML(N) suddenly, after 3 ½ years, became aware of the PPP’s massive political-financial mismanagement and is now staging “darnas” and chanting “Go, Zardari, Go”. It is frightening to realize that Pakistan’s traditional political leaderships have been holding back on all these vital national issues to use as “trump cards” to score wins in their political battles for the March 2012 senate election – all at the public expense. Aren’t these shameful and contemptible political tactics?

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Imagine the enormity of the political witchcraft vehemently practiced by the ruling class and its leadership. Consider the inhumanity, the unprecedented unethical and immoral approach to political management and the torturous inflicting of political deceit and power against the common citizens of Pakistan. Is it not criminal conduct against, in fact, open contempt of an entire nation and its people?

Irrespective of the wishful thinking of those like Kumar Madan and other Hindu ultra-nationalists, the only harm that can come to Pakistan is through the self-destructive conduct of its traditional political leadership – nothing else can jeopardize this nation’s existence.

The entire ruling class and its leadership inside (and outside) the ruling “janta” consider the common people of Pakistan as sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered at the appropriate time – chosen at their own discretion for their personal motives and political objectives. That is Pakistan’s ultimate national tragedy.

Stop slaughtering the lambs now!

Yooh hi gar rotaa raha Ghalib, too eh aihle jahah

Dekna in bastioh ko tum kay virah ho giye

If Ghalib must go on shedding these tears, you who inhabit (this land)
Will see these cities blotted into the wilderness

                                                Translation :Adrienne Rush