The US is a brute killer of innocent people by hundreds and thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan not to mention the millions killed in other countries. Who will hold these killers accountable, bring them to charge and pay blood money to the kin of the killed? Raja Mujtaba

By Yousaf Alamgirian

America by going for a single handedly operation against Osama Bin Laden has tried to overcome its decade long failure to defeat Taliban resistance in Afghanistan. Despite huge bombardment and using the state of the art technology America and its allied forces botched to achieve the set target. They placed a puppet as the president of Afghanistan who played double games with its master, the US, and with its nation as well? However the United States attacked Afghanistan to get Osama and other Al-Qaeda leadership but couldn’t achieve any of the remarkable success.

Now after Abbottabad operation it is claiming that Osama was hiding in Abbottabad but has failed to provide any evidence to support his claims. The USA is in fact on a weaker wicket as for as the Osama issue is concerned. Lot many theatrical shifts have been seen in this regard. Their statements are changing on daily basis. They are only showing the pictures of died Osama and no video footage is being shown to the world. For over ten years, they are killing the innocent masses to quench their beastly thirst for human blood. Now it is the right of heirs of those brutally killed by United States in the garb of war on terrorism to show them the proof of Osama’s killing. They must be taken on board as for the assurance of Osama‘s killing is concerned. USA knows many of the nations specially the masses of south Asia don’t trust it. So it must adopt transparent measures to take the world into confidence that it is dragging along to fight the war.

Pakistan being frontline state of United States has faced massive disaster in the shape of suicide bombing, terrorist attacks, subversive activities ruining its normal routine life of the Pakistani citizens, destroying its economy and above all defaming Pakistan all over the world for being the nursery of the terrorists. American secretary of states Mrs Hillary Clinton herself admitted that it is the America who supported Mujahdeens during Russian invasion. America used these elements and then left these actors unattended to play their game the way they want. America supported the people from all over to world to come to south Asia to fight against Russia. Obviously America was part of the game and was well conversant of the fact that many of the terrorists from other world had settled in Afghanistan and in the western border of Pakistan as their native countries despite Pakistan’s requests refused to take them back. So they had to live in this part of the region, married, and had many children. This is how they managed their influence in the region. Even Osama’s native country kingdom of Saudi Arabia canceled his citizenship and asked him to shift to some other place. He remained in Yemen many years then again came back to Afghanistan. He was in Afghanistan on 9/11. America asked Mullah Umer to hand over Osama to them but he refused on the plea that if Osama admitted he was involved in the attack then he will be given to USA and reportedly Osama informed Mullah Umer for not being involved in the attack.

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So despite Mullah Umer’s policy stand that Osama was refusing his involvement in the same He and his Taliban government which was considered one of the best govt in Afghanistan history had to face American aggression. There was no issue of law and order, justice was being provided to the masses. So much so hundreds of millions of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan were also slowly and gradually shifting to their native country. But after the America and its allied forces attacked Afghanistan another big number of Afghan refugees poured into Pakistan causing issue of lawlessness, crime rate high, smuggling, dacoit, and many of the allied problems. The refugees are still launched on Pakistan economy and Karazai government is hesitant to take his citizens back. This shows inacapabilty at the part of his gioverenemnt. American also feel that Karazai government’s major issue is corruption and bad governance as despite the huge funds and aid form the world over no development is seen in Afghanistan and its citizens still prefer to settle in Pakistan which itself is hard pressed because of numerous kinds of internal and external problems.

Coming back to the issue of war on terror even the American establishment admitted many times that Pakistan has given a lot many sacrifices in this war. Only the recent most attack in which frontier constabulary’s newly passing out recruits were targeted has caused as many as 80 innocent lives. 65 out of 80 were FC recruits. Yesterday night, on May 13th I was watching a BBC report covering the funeral ceremony of the 9 people killed in an earthquake in Spain. Obviously that was a sad occasion and people were weeping and mourning the incident but at the same day there were lying 80 dead bodies of the innocents in Shabqader, Pakistan but no one was there to talk much about them

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However it may be a useless effort to apprise US and the western world as they are least pushed regarding the day to day killings of Pakistani citizens. They are more concerned about showing about their own embedded success stories to make their masses satisfied that for the last ten years American army was fighting for the national cause. In fact there were all political reasons. Now Obama had to contest for the second term so they designed Abbottabad drama. The question stands if so ever the Osama was here why United States didn’t involve Pakistani counterparts on whose intelligence sharing they got the clue of Osama. They just wanted to grab the victory in fact. Their mindset is like a Hollywood script writer who writes fictitious stories to boost up the morale of his nation.

Almost more than ten top Al-Qaeda leaders were apprehended with Pakistan’s intelligence support as reported by a major English news paper of Pakistan in its May 03, 2011 publication. It narrates “history shows that till date, nearly a dozen of al-Qaeda’s most important leaders have either been arrested alive or have been killed in this part of the globe since the 9/11 episode.” Abu Zubaidah , Khalid Sheikh Mohammad , Yassir al-Jaziri, Tohir Yuldashev , Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani , Abu Faraj al-Libi or Mustafa al-Uzayti , Mustafa Setmarian Nasar etc were among those who were arrested alive or were killed during the encounter. Pakistan played an active part in their apprehension. So how comes that American doubted Pakistan’s capability to apprehend Osama bin laden. Matter of the fact is that US got Osama’s clue on Pakistan’s intelligence sharing in way back in 2010. But when USA was all set to get hold of Osama it didn’t share anything with the Pakistan authorities. They wanted to show other world and specially the American citizens that American force is second to none in the world. Whereas it was only few months back when Pakistan army troops’ team won a Gold Medal due to best performance in a three day Cambrian Patrol exercise, 2010 organized in United Kingdom. During the three-day event in UK, Pak army team infiltrated enemy lines and performed multiple tasks. 86 teams participated in the exercise, including 70 British and 16 from other countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, France, India and Pakistan. However, Pakistan Army displayed an excellent performance and won a gold medal.

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So they Pakistanis have not only proved their worth in the military competitions but in WOT as well. They have sacrificed more than 35 thousand lives still American doesn’t trust in Pakistan. It is obvious USA has done Abbottabad operation single handedly only to grab the title of WOT victory and also to undermine sacrifices of allying country, Pakistan. (End)