Business with zero capital is just like to stay at seven star in a dream. but now it can be true with information technology.

Mega Hosting Spot is one of the fastest growing and reliable hosting company in Pakistan.  Who gave a offer to all its valuable clients but be remember it’s for very short span of time.

Offer is to start your own business with just Rs. 3,000/-.  I think three thousands rupees at this time is nothing and no one can think about it to start a business with such a nominal amount. But we made it possible.


If you know any language(english,urdu,sairiki etc…) and you have little knowledge and experience then you have an ability to become a blogger.

what are things which make you a successful blogger?

Only one thing that’s your enthusiasm. If you love your profession then you can become successful person in your profession.

Why business is important today ?

I have seen too many people who are doing jobs but not mentally satisfied. There are two reason behind it. One is economically   and second is mentally not satisfied. They fell that they stuck at one place and growth opportunities are very narrow for them.

Due to these two reasons they are highly feel dissatisfaction. But in twenty first century a lot of things become too easy similarly doing a business. Mark Zuckerberg are not the son of any Millionaire.