Spider Magazine is the only IT based Magazine published on monthly basis. I am reader of it from its beginning. As per my opinion is concern, it was working fine and educating people about Information Technology. But in today’s world, people are loosing the trend of reading specially in Pakistan.Whatsoever the reason, i humbly requested to DAWN news group, kindly don’t stop publishing Spider Magazine even you’re in getting loss from it. You may continue it as CSR project.  

It’s true that, people are now come to have interest in screen reading but still there is huge number of people who love to read such stuff prior to sleep or when awake. Meanwhile, you continued Aurora an advertisement Magazine whose viewership is almost half as compare to IT which is fast growing sector in Pakistan.

Dawn News Group also unpublished spider Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SpiderMagazine

The last tweet by Spider Magazine to readers

Spider magazine is currently on break. Not to worry though – you can still continue on getting…