Everybody wants to be a successful person in his/her life. To achieve this desire you should follow some golden skills and practice these rules in your daily routine those Golden rules are as following.


One of the most important characteristics of a successful person is self-awareness, a successful person knows about his feelings and emotions how they are created, why they are created, what is the cause of his behavior. He/she knows about his abilities capacities and using them in the right way.


A successful man is aware of reality he does not think about the world as he likes, he understands it as it is. He accepts his faults and responsibility of his mistakes and always learns from them.


The key to success is continuity, it means when we start something we continue it until the end. For example, if he starts a degree in sociology, he does not change his mind, time and again, does not go to something which he considers better than  sociology, he only changes his mind when he get that his field or job is totally wrong.


Independence is something necessary for success. Until we are dependent on our parents or situation, office or even our fate, we cannot be successful. We have to accept the responsibility of life and decide about our future.


A successful person always has the power of creativity; he does not wait to see others and then do the same or similar thing. He is a beginner of some new ideas and things.



A successful person is flexible. He can adapt himself to society and its changes. He is ready to challenge his ideas and think about them critically.

Relations and friendship:

Having good relations with family, friends and members of our society is an important characteristic of a successful person.

Balance in life:

Balance in life is a vital key to success. It means we have to know how much to work, study and sports or enjoy.

Life has a difficulty always and for all:

Mostly our bad feelings are because we think that we are in troubles and others are enjoying their lives but we have to believe that life is difficult always and for all.

Having strategy for our life and goal:

(Strategy means having three things):

  1. Map: we have to all possible ways of our getting our goal.
  2. Plan: choosing two possible ways. First will be our main way of getting the goal and second will be our helping way if the first way was not working.
  3. Program: making a timetable and giving time to short time activities and long-term activities.

As we conclude we can say that . . .


Success is a way and a road, not a goal:

Success is a way and a road, not a goal or purpose; it means that while we are growing and becoming developed, we feel happiness and success there is no specific goal by the gaining of which we become successful. For example while we are good students and enjoying study and learning with happiness and good feeling we are successful, but if we think I will be successful when I finish my study and get the degree we will not be successful now or that time, but if we feel success at the moment now and while we finish our study and again we will be successful if we do our job in best way. So we should not depend, our success to a specific thing and say I will be successful if I have that. We are successful while trying to get to our target. So we have to have a goal but should not relay our success on that.

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