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Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz

JSQM leading party who is promoting the message of separation in the province. It’s motive to get an independent state for Sindhi community. Nationalist motivating people by using too many tool as Sindh Culture is too rich, language is different and spreading racism against Non-Sindhi’s in Sindh.

JSQM cheif Bashir Khan Quershi also request to Urdu Speaking Community living in Sindh to support them for getting an independent Sindh.

Struggling for Independence

Struggling for Independence

Sain G.M. Syed founder of this movement who raised voice for separation from Pakistan. whose full name is Ghulam Murtaza Shah Syed famous by G.M.syed born in 1904 and died in 1995. In their whole life he raised voice for Sindhi’s. He was extreme nationalist. he was also founder of Sindh Nationalist party ” Sindh Awami Mahaz”.

24 March 2012 at Karachi

Sindhu Desh a movement for separation from Pakistan is developing roots in rural Sindh. On 24th March 2012, Hundred of thousands protest against Pakistan and demand a sovereignty.

The Sindhi nation has been waiting for the last 64 years to secure independence since Punjab has assumed all the powers of the federation, including civil bureaucracy, military and judiciary, while all the resources of Sindh have been placed at the disposal of Islamabad. Dr. Safdar Sarki

I think so, you din’t see any news regarding this rally because they din’t get too much media projection and no one declared them rebel. No one said Bashir khan quershi did a hate speech for non-Sindhi’s.As they innate in Sindh, that’s why there are more Pakistani…

Official Facebook Page of Sindudesh “Sindhu Desh Liberation Army”