Shopping, the ecstatic disease that every woman is suffering from is a contagious interest most commonly witnessed around us.

”If you are not a shopaholic, you are not a fashionista or a trend freak”..

Now , thats something our generation firmly believes in . In her pursuit to explain the inexplicable interest that women have common in shopping, Erma Bombeck, a famous columnist once wrote that;

”Shopping is a woman’s thing.Its a contact sport like football.Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trambled to death and the ecstacy of the purchase”….

Well, her explanation was as good as perfect.She is right.Women just love shopping.

Now the question arises;

Whether shopping is a woman’s hobby or need?”..

Its a common observation that women love to wander through sprawled cothes and to browse through accessories and handbags collection, looking out for stylish pair of shoes and much much more.They would spray and sniff each and every perfume on the store even though they have got no idea about which perfume they are actually going to buy..They would serenly glide upglass escelators past numerous stores and their elaborating displays, admiring yet critisizing on their way accoding to their choices and standards, intently gazing to the details of the designs or trying to have a better critical look to the quality of the fabric.

They would have an eagle eye on the threadwork,the colour, the cuts,the fall,because they want to look chic,bold,trendy and most importantly updated..every girl in this world spends her 10 years while playing with a barbie doll and then spend her whole life with a desire and sometimes an effort of looking like her.

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Well shopping is not always about purchasing items..I personally have observed many women who are facing budget constrains and they are short of cash but still they step out for shopping;though they are practicing window shopping but it never effects the fun element of this ”STRESS BURSTING ACTIVITY”…

Yes , shopping proves to be a stress buster for women.  A report tittled ”MEN BUY WOMEN SHOP”highlighted the trends of shopping among men and women.It states that ;”FOR MEN,SHOPPING IS MOST LIKELY TO BE A MISSION WHILE FOR WOMEN IT IS MERE TIMEPASS”..

Women who belong to the ELITE class of the society enjoy shopping as their hobby as they expenditure of their money is subjected to the fullfillment of their desires not needs.  In the upper class of the society shopping is oftenly carried out to mantain the ”show off” factor , which is indeed an important aspect of their social circles.They want to get noticed and want be to a trend setter for their fellows….so carrying a Prada bag, Gucci glasses,Mac cosmetics n wardrobe from the most exclusive and expensive brands aids in giving them the perfect updated outlook which can easily turn all the heads around for apraisal.

On the other hand as far as the middle class of the society is concirned, shopping is carried out within certain boundaries as BUDGET is something which is always on one’s mind ,who belongs to this class.Their are many women who love shopping more when they are facing financial crises.It forces them to be savier buyers.Women with such financial constraints are looking for the best bargains.When they have less money at hand the sense ofaccomplishment in getting the best deal is greater.

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Now that’s where shopping reveals itself as a hobby yet as a vital need because a housewife has to shop for the whole family.Usually the brother, husband or father hate to accompany women for shopping and the most obvious reason is lack of interest and patience. The mothers go through hundred of things and then finally picks up one. But the stuff picked up is not always for themselves but mostly is for the other family members.

Well this was my analysis…and as nature and opinion is always subjective so i cant bet that am cent per cent right, but thats simply what i have observed so far.Whenever i accompany my mother for shoppping we have alot of fun,because am a girl and i am indeed a shopaholic as well and i am confessing it right here.Shopping for me is a source of entertainment,it soothes my heart.I just love to shop.Purchasing or buying is never a priority to me.On the contrary browsing for things act as a drug for me.I remember watching ”confessions of a shopaholic” the movie;Islia Fisher the leading lady was just adorable she presented a shopaholic girl in such a beautiful and innocent way that every girl who is addicted to this pleasure with a sigh would admit it that yes the girl over there on screen is my potrait.     

No matter what it actually is; a hobby or a need, but shopping indeed give women a kind of sportish entertainment that rarely any other activity provides.and being sucessful at the end of the pursuit feels like an achievement to them, no wonder women love this activity. So, pick up ur bags, clutches and atm cards _lets get goin’ shopaholics..:)