Global business environment demand a strong online presence to promote your business on internet.

Now it’s important that you have a website which shows your online presences but the thing which is most important how much your website is optimize on search engine that a person can easily search you by writing a relevant query related to your business/firm. As it’s very difficult to tell every person about the URL of your website and it may possible he/she forget after some time span. Now more than 80%  people search website through search engine, you can easily understand the importance of  Search engine through this statistic.

increase business productivity

Major search engines are Google, Bing & AoL but the market share of Google is more than 85%, so whenever the word search engine comes in our mind, we think about Google.

How Search Engine optimization adds productivity in Business?

We take an example of B2C(business to consumer) business model and our business is related to technology. Let’s suppose a target customer interested in buying  a latest Smartphone “Samsung Galaxy S4″ and it’s available at our store but who he knew that we are the authorize reseller of samsung gadgets.

What he/she actually do? , He/she open Search engine and type their relevant query into the search bar e.g in this he wrote ” Samsung S4 smartphone stores” and the results come on their SERP( Search Engine Result Page ), Most probably he/she open top five website shown against this keyword. After checking these five website, he decided to buy the gadget from one of the store which he checked online. So, what’s happen: a sales lead generated and matured ; that’s all possible through search engine .

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This is the all process of search engine which add productivity in your business.