OLY Consultant assist you in registration process of securities and exchange commision of Pakistan.

SECP offers two ways to register a company:

  • Online
  • Offline

In first pace, you decide which method is more convenient for you. Once you finalized then start the process according to rules and regulations defined by SECP.

In online System, you don’t need to visit CRO (Company Registration Office). All the process will be done through internet. Online process constitute of three steps:

  • Name Availability
  • NIFT Form
  • Submission of Documents (MOA & AOA)

In case of Offline, you must need to visit CRO and manually submit the documents. SECP has only seven CRO in following cities:

  • CRO in Islamabad
  • CRO in Karachi
  • CRO in Quetta
  • CRO in Lahore
  • CRO in Peshawar
  • CRO in Faisalabad
  • CRO in Sialkot

There is no CRO office in Rawalpindi, all the residents of rawalpindi use CRO Islamabad for company registration and other SECP matters. 

Why OLY Consultant?

We make our clients life easier and trouble-free. Once, you have chosen us for registration of a company. You don’t need to prepare anything or visit any office. We will do each and every thing on your behalf.

Our fee include all the Government fees and miscellaneous expense. There is no hidden charges.