Insightful, Objective and Salient Commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Scott Rickard

Please read the following article and my response to the incredibly insightful, objective and salient commentary by Atul Singh, Fair Observer, December 2012.

Palestine and Israel: A Bloody Saga – Fair Observer's Editor-in-Chief, Atul Singh, argues that the triumph of lunacy over sanity will result in tears for Israelis, Palestinians and the wider region.  

In the above article, Atul misrepresents a few points. For example, the old dark hatred of the Jews? That's not quite the case. Many Jews today that support Zionism are descendants of Khazar Jews / Bolsheviks that rose up against the Russian Czars. Much of the dark days have to do with historical Turkish / Khazar opposition to the Czars. It's important to note that the Khazar's adopted the Jewish religion for political purposes, much like today's Sharia law edicts that receive incredible criticism. Some Jewish faith, like most religions, have fundamentalists that are often extreme and rarely integrate and assimilate with other societies and cultures. For example, some Jews considered it a great dishonor to marry outside of their religion. Also, several Russian / Bolshevik / Khazar Jews were responsible for instigating both WWI and WWII, as well as the Holodomor and other genocides across Russia.

Also misrepresented was Israel's "creation" in 1948. The Irgun and Haganah conducted several terrorist attacks against the British that led to their departure in 1948 and threatened the legitimacy of the mandate. Also not mentioned was the fact that the US, Europe and Russia financed, armed and trained the Israelis in their baseless and premeditated attack on their Arab neighbors.


  Pakistan: The Fallen Idols!!

I agree that Israel is an Apartheid state. A Jewish state. Might as well be an Islamic or a Christian state. Sure doesn't sound like freedom of religion or any form of democracy to me.


Contrary to what Atul wrote, Canada and the US do not have significant Jewish populations. 375,000 Jews in Canada account for just over 1% of the total population. 5,275,000 Jews in the US account for just under 2% of the total population. To give you a little perspective, Hispanics account for roughly 16% and blacks account for roughly 13% of the American population. What he failed to mention is the incredible Zionist influence on North American finance, media, entertainment, religion and Scofield reference Bible Christian religious indoctrination that has existed for over a century. 


Unfortunately, the US is still very racist and has been trained through entertainment, media and religion to support Israel and reject Arabs and Muslims. J-Street is merely AIPAC lite. Not much will change in the US until the country breaks away from these Zionist institutions.