By Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui

As like always that happens in every case especially that has relevance to the American hegemony as in the case of Raymond Davis, the case in which  our typical set of people who are born to a typical line whether raised  inland or overseas Pakistani to be Scare Crows in our yards and  on our walls are once again trying to drag the country into continued factor and fear of loss. These scare crows are so un-restive that they are screaming   on our electronic screens to tell us all in general and to those poor bereaved families in particular, that what has happened to their love ones has happened as destined. What happened has happened as a ultimate fate of those two who have been so skillfully shot down by that Yankee the doodle do the real live nephew of Uncle Sam. They are now telling everyone to simply forget about unnecessary and useless exercise of trial and justice  and let go the killer and set  him free with due honor and respect only because he  has on himself an American skin. These scare crows cranking for aseap release and freedom of that American killer who tried his utmost to take a flight from the scene of his own crime after broad day light, point blank cold blooded murder of two Pakistani citizens right in front of people on roads but was finally apprehended by downtown Police.

This special herd of Fulbright Scholared intellects, simply want everyone to forget about that fugitive a deserter who rammed over and crushed another innocent harmless citizen of Pakistan. The fugitive thereafter killing a motorcyclist successfully escaped and now believed to be still hiding somewhere inside US Consulate. These scare crows crowing in order to set alarms and warn us all with fatal consequences. They want all of us  in general and those bereaved families in particular to simply forget about the loss of life of that poor innocent young newly wed wife (of Fahim) who committed suicide in  her desperation and depression after loosing her hope for a free and fair trial and justice of the killer of her husband.

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These scare crows and weather cocks fluttering around desperately to warn us all with  fatal consequences that in case we do not succumb and do not comply to  growing and growling American demand of release of their tyrant and professional killer. In case we refrain to do so, resultantly a country named Pakistan will be bulldozed from the world map and every man identified anywhere as Pakistani will be wiped out and swept off from the planet earth. “No matter how much legal or illegal their stance is, no matter how genuine their demand is, no matter how much justified and unjustified their claim is, and no matter how much fair and unfair their stand is. Come what may,” they yell that we have to succumb, surrender and have to hand over that tyrant. We, otherwise will lose everything like our jobs, wealth, status, air, oxygen, water, light, food, clothes, medicines, shelter, land, life and what not? This fear mechanism since ever here there and everywhere has always forced the weak to succumb and surrender in hands of strong. Once again this fear mechanism is being applied on the poor to submit to their authority. This manipulation mechanism and technique of controlling human mind especially through in-house, home grown elements who live like rabbits in continued fear of loss and uncertainty in any society to always make the job of usurpers and suppressers much easier. This fear mechanism technique was exercised on us on 28th May 2003, thereafter 9/11 and now being applied once again for release of this killer named Raymond Davis.

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These herds of learned and so called so realistic and sensible are bragging in defense of their opinionated opinions simply to dilute the effect of that unspeakable tragedy and misery of those families and especially of that poor young girl who gave her life to follow her husband.

Only to spread the mist and layer of confusion on clarity they try to mix Black and White to create a new shade of gray of their own choice, like and preference. My friends now you all mean to say that what has happened has happened and everything is now over like a mellow dramatic and theatrical scene of a movie and we all should now simply shrug our shoulders and enjoy our pack of pop corns?  You mean to say that this nation in general and those bereaved families in particular should simply absorb swallow and forget? We all should forget because what so ever happened has happened since its happening everywhere everyday and it is nothing new? ”. I am sorry to say my respected friends that this is perhaps a sadistic approach in the name of that so called realistic approach.   I am afraid and affirmed to believe that things this time may not be really so simple for you and anyone especially because of ongoing hullabaloo, uprisings and arousals of masses against usurpers and suppressers in the world out there. Only last night the US President Mr. Barrack H. Obama was finally compelled to out rightly admit to the world that “Egyptians have not only Changed Egypt but they have changed the world altogether.

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In Raymond’s case for obvious reasons  I agree that dichotomy of Might is Right may still  prevail for sometime more  but despite all our odds, our short comings, our handicaps, our apprehensions  and imperfections let us altogether not make the things for them so simple and so easy this time. My dear friends, when will be that time when we individually and collectively as Pakistanis would hold our spine to find the real reason and meaning of our existence. Are we all born Just to die rather than to really Live for something and then Die? Let us all this time have our hearts and feel, the feel of our own earth under our feet. Whatever will be will be, but still our future generation will ask from the history “For What the purpose we as their Fathers were born for and the way how we responded to the demand of the moment?.

My dear friends, let us now take advantage and mileage out of this Change of time and wind to show the world that now enough is enough for us as well. High time now we need to  demonstrate our national resolve  mainly because the case of America this time is not only  morally but legally very weak  and the Elephant’s pedestal  seem to have stuck in the loop of his own spread net of traps.