Saulat Mirza was MQM worker and trained target killer of MQM militant wing. He accepted all his crime in below videos.

He claimed that he received order from London. And all major target killings order issued by Altaf Hussain. He also involved in killing of Rangers and Anti Terrorist Squad. He accepted all his crime wholeheartedly, ALLAH knows what’s the truth, might be he is speaking all this due to huge pressure of Investigation team.

It’s hard reality, that MQM hold a militant wing, which he used to create panic in the city as well as Killing of enemy of MQM.

Question arise, when everyone knew this thing about this political party which hire militants to create terrorism in Karachi, then why not Pakistani Army do a grand operation against them.  When there is dozens of evidence against Altaf Hussain. Still there silence, create a big question mark.

It’s good sign, that saulat Mirza execution order issued by the court. Hopefully this execution will be done without any delay.