The Black Robin Hood

“The nations are born in the hearts of the poets; they prosper and die in the hands of the politicians.”  Dr. Allama Iqbal 

By Raja G Mujtaba

The way things are unfolding and developing, none would be left to decide, judge, punish or be punished. The whole pond has become very murky and muddy. Seems people would have no choice but to "Roll 300 Heads" to save Pakistan. The very people who are holding the nation hostage would be on the run with public chasing them.

State machinery is being brought to a grinding halt; it’s all scripted and documented. The script may have been written outside of Pakistan but its actors and directors are all in Pakistan. They all speak the same language, same tone maybe in different words.

Memogate commission has released its report to the public. They have fixed the responsibility; Husain Haqqani the former Pakistan ambassador to the US has been held responsible, with a mention that he is not loyal to Pakistan.

It may please be remembered that while he was in Pakistan for the enquiry, he was a ‘Royal Guest’ first in the Presidency and then in the Prime Minister House. He was never allowed to any agency for interrogation or investigation, was held in complete protection of Asif Ali Zardari and Yousaf Raza Gillani, why? The Yousaf Raza Gillani, the convicted Prime Minister issued very threatening statements not to allow Mansoor Ijaz, the whistleblower to come to Pakistan for appearing before the commission, why?

Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) is also convicted of money laundering by the Swiss court is said to be the producer and director of all the scripts that have been prepared for destabilizing of Pakistan. It must be admitted that AAZ has played his cards with lot of smartness to discard the used cards and pick new ones without letting know the other parties.

Rahman Malik, another convicted minister of the cabinet who holds a dual nationality and is said to be the gift of the British Government to Pakistan was also very vocal against the investigations and in keeping away Mansoor Ijaz from coming to Pakistan, why?

  The US; bluffer and the Bully

Now knowing that judiciary is going all out to identify and punish all those involved in corruption, vandalism, and connivance with foreign powers or working to destabilize the country by denying and defying all the means to the people where they can find respite and respect, Riaz Malik has been launched to attack and malign the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

This attack on CJ via his son has not come out of the blue with a perfect timing when the government felt threatened of being removed and declared incompetent, corrupt and treacherous. Immediately the corrupted media anchors went wild on their respective channels to malign the CJ and his son; promoting Riaz Malik as a hero. But soon a list came out that had names of almost all the major anchors who had received money in millions, Mercedes cars, plots and other benefits; they were very active to provided media coverage to Riaz Malik almost from his residence to the Supreme Court as if some Royalty was coming.

Riaz Malik is a ‘Black Robin Hood’; Red Robin Hood, plundered the rich and gave it to the poor whereas Riaz Malik plundered the poor and obliged the rich and powerful to extract favours from them. Malik Riaz made his moves selectively and very effectively; he corrupted all those who mattered including the Armed Forces. He has employed a score of retired General Officers whom he uses to penetrate the Armed Forces, so far he has been very successful but now its felt that he has touched his peak; the downfall could be like a crash where he loses everything.

Today Pakistan that was once considered as a rising star of the east, is being eaten up by vultures, blood suckers, parasites, wolfs, jackals and you name it they are all their snatching portions of its meat. Now saving Pakistan is a Jihad in itself, Pakistan is crying, its poor are crying, its women and children are crying. They all are crying for multiple pains that they are suffering, they want relief, they want hope, they want security of life and property, and they want a future for their children. How can they get it under the circumstances is anyone’s guess?

  War on Terror or Terror of War?

People are talking revolution, they are killing their kith and kin, committing suicides etc. now the next logical step would be to drag and kill the people whom they hold responsible for their sufferings. If it happens, it would be most unfortunate; we have to find some other mechanism where with least damage we can achieve the maximum.

The tempo that has built up seems all set for a spark at any time. No one knows what would provide that spark but if it does it would be a very violent one. That’s what the US and her neo-cons want, that’s what the Zionists want and for obvious reasons. They want an excuse to move into Pakistan. The foreign masters have their plants working for them, everyday a new turbulence is witnessed that brings heaps of problems for the people. These ‘Masters’ have provided some safe sanctuaries to Pakistani criminals whom they desire to use as proxies and make more Hamid Karzais out of them for Pakistan.

Now this buildup, no political party can breakup, people trust none. There are only two options that can defuse the situation, Army takeover or the SC dismissal of the government and call for an interim setup.

Army should avoid coming in directly; if it does it could be very fatal for the country. So it should let the people take its course or come on the call of SC. It’s precisely this fear of the ruling collation to preempt that, Malik Riaz tirade has been launched. Its well-timed and directed. It has shaken the boat, it can capsize it but I have faith and conviction that Pakistan would also come out of this treacherous attack of the toadies who are said to be in complete connivance with the foreign masters.  

Supreme Court must act in the national interest and move swiftly to dislodge the corrupt and the treacherous. They may have to mandate the army to do so; if mandated, Army would respond to save the country from disaster.

  Interpersonal Relations

SC must appoint an ‘eleven member council’ at least one from every province including Islamabad Federal Area, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and perhaps Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Punjab and Sind may have 2 each. The members should meet the following criteria:

·         Should not have any association with any political party.

·         Should believe in the ideology of Pakistan.

·         Should have an honest reputation whose integrity cannot be doubted.

·         Should not be holding dual nationalities.

This council should be mandated to cleanse the state machinery of all sorts of corruptions and retrieve all the wealth that has been plundered. Money taken abroad should also be brought back and deal with the criminals with an iron hand.

Even those, who hob-nobbed with the foreign masters must be tried for treason and sentenced to death.

After the formation, the council should hold a referendum and get the people’s mandate to carry out the task and deal with criminals in an appropriate manner.

After the refrendum, this council would be empowered to apprehend arrest, try and punish all the criminals including with death sentences.

This is the only way, where a change can be brought in with no bloodbath on the streets. If it’s not done, then it would be a free for all scenario without knowing the end of the game.

Presently the situation is ripe for an internal Jihad to save and build Pakistan with a fresh mandate and cleansed systems. Any person or party not believing in the ideology of Pakistan must not be allowed into the system.

After my first article on the subject, lots of people asked me for the list; I told them that I have none. The people must prepare their own lists, when compared; they would discover that they have 80% common names. But I am pretty confident, top 10 would be the same in every list.

Now if 300 Heads are rolled to save Pakistan none to be blamed other than the ruling elite; but under the circumstances, not a big price for the safety and future of Pakistan and its people and avert bloodbath on the streets.

Roll 300 Heads and Save Pakistan – Part 1