Dr TuQ is not asking nation for votes at the moment . He just wants to see our political structure refined and over-hauled which is a common interest of everyone , isn’t it ? Pakistan is of all us and it,s our responsibility and duty not to pass on country in this state to next generations. Current system is designed only for 0.01 % elite club, corruption and to make country a pvt Ltd company. This system is a product of colonialism based on centralization of powers and proved failure all over the world in this modern era of decentralization and flat management . Our all provincial issues, economic inequity and biasness are based upon this system.

Dr.TUQ mainly wants:

1) Decentralization
2) Independence of all institutions
3) Empowerment of middle class with special focus on women
4) Direct voting and eradication of electable politics
5) Poverty elevation
6) Socio-Economic equity
7) Justice , Peace and Security
8) Foundation of a modern welfare state
9) Equality of rights for all
10) Sovereignty of state
What’s a harm in it if we all change this system then vote to whom we like to ?

This article is written by Ghulam Murtaza. Admin of this site may not agree agree with his opinion