I came to the movie with skeptical mind, I thought it was going to another overly exaggerated, unbelievable stunt and fancy gadgets used by a middle age man with some help from his trusted friends taking on elite forces with only a little trouble or at least they made it look easy. This was slightly different than the previous three parts, which were only dependent on the CGI and the technology. It reminded me of the first part which was simpler and less dramatic. There were simple fight scenes and was definitely exaggerated, but just about the right amount and they added the spice where it was needed. It wasn’t boring as it had humor too and that too wasn’t much exaggerated as we only saw pun intended humor which was good BTW.

I don’t know much about directing but I have no reason to pull out straws and criticize every little detail, because it was covered by all the good things including the story, the cast, the music, the screenplay which kept me on the edge of my seat, the locations and the overall direction which produced a brilliant film and I am not afraid to say that it was the best of the series.