A nation being sold in the name of 'National Interest'

By Raja G Mujtaba

S M Hali conducted his TV Talk on the subject, whatever views the participants may have but they are not seeing the reality, they cannot read the walls. Messages coming from distance are quite different than the official versions. The video link to this talk is placed at the end of this paper.

With Zardari Regime in power, self-esteem and respect that a sovereign nation should have is a farfetched dream.  Here the regime is more loyal than the king to reopen the supplies. Soon after its closure, Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Prime Minister and Rahman Malik, the Interior Minister were making statements to soften the Pakistani public mind so that they accept this reopening as a great victory (in fact a sellout) of the PPP regime.

NATO attack on Salala Border Post had killed 24 valiant sons of Pakistan for which the Obama administration is not prepared to tender any apology whereas apology was offered to Afghans for burning of the Quran and then again for night raids killing about 15 people including old, women and children.

The leaders make the history of nation; our history is being made by corrupt, inefficient and shameless lot led by Yousaf Raza Gillani. A Prime Minister who is convicted has lost all moral grounds to hold that high office but like a shameless creature, he is holding firm to his office saying the he is following the party directives. It’s not only him, his two sons are also involved in massive corruptions that have hit the world media in countries around the world. Nothing moves him to resign, he has sent a clear message to the people that he is above the law, and nothing can touch him. Why was he invited to London by David Cameroon knowing it fully well that he no longer represents Pakistan after having been convicted and has no moral right to hold on to his office is a billion dollar question. The convicted Prime Minister of a red economy country went with an entourage of about 100 people who stayed at the most expensive places in town, not giving any impression that Pakistan is in a bad shape and has no financial resources to bail out any of its vital and strategic industries like Steel Mill, Pakistan International Airlines, railways, power shortages and unemployment rising by the hour.

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David Cameroon invited him knowing that he was a lame duck and they could extract anything from him to benefit the NATO allies and the US.  While Gillani was in the UK, his cronies back home in Pakistan had sounded the green light. Zardari’s dream to attend the Chicago conference was beginning to see light.

Now Zardari would go to Chicago and announce from there the opening of the supplies by selling out the national honour and the blood of not only 24 valiant sons but scores of others both civilians and uniformed personnel who sacrificed their lives through drone attacks and killings through black-water operatives.

In a Punjab TV talk on 15th of May, while opposing the resumption of the supplies, I said it very categorically that Zardari and Co will have to lift the barriers and allow the supplies to pass through. Why? Because almost all sitting in power have their plundered wealth stacked in the US, the UK and other countries of West; they were sounded that if they do not heed to their demands, then their wealth stacked in their countries would be confiscated and never returned to these clowns. Today I stand proved correct and all have arrangements have been made to resume the supplies once Mr. Zardari  rings the gong in Chicago. That gong would be a deafening noise to bury the dignity, honour and voice of sanity of a nation that has been constantly highjacked by such goons.

Who is going to ensure the safety and security of the State and the people of Pakistan? Raymond Davises would be back, drones would glide over our skies like hawks and striking any sign of life in FATA or now maybe in Pakistan, Balochistan in particular. Have they agreed to stop drone attacks or US (and her Zionist-Hindutva proxies) sponsored insurgencies in Pakistan? The US has said blatant ‘NO’, no apology and no compensation.

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Zardari and Co must remember that the US era is over, its question of a decade or so, the power balance is shifting towards Asia, China would be the next major player, India is also trying to find her place but where are our so called ruling elite trying to take us? They have not got out of their cult culture, their ever expanding pockets are not getting filled, and their eyes never feel contended. They are trying to commit this great country to slavery, slavery of the muggers and inhuman lot. They must remember, people of Pakistan will not accept any slavery, they are committed to the will of their ‘faith’ any deals or agreements that are not accepted by the people will never be allowed to go through.

A heavy onus has fallen on the shoulders of other political parties that are not part of the coalition government to step out and prove their resolve and dedication to feelings of the masses and dignity of the nation. If they fail to rise to the occasion, then they may not find any solace and peace within the hearts of the masses. It would expose them to the hilt where ridicule would become their fate. In such an eventuality, people of Pakistan expect the Army leadership to save the honour and dignity of the state and the people.

Long live Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, may Allah rid us from those who are out to sell us in the name of ‘National Interest’  and husan ‘beauty’ of democracy. 

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