hussain haqqaniRebuttal to “Magnificent Delusion”


By R R Tanoli 

          After reading the book, I have decided with a firm belief to give a point by point rebuttal of this fallacious account including sponsored mythologies, bigoted narratives, distorted references and erroneous beliefs. Hussain Haqqani undoubtedly “The Traitor”, already renowned for his malicious activities against our military and intelligence agencies is incapable of looking at the past objectively or with any kind of intellectual ability. The objectives of this book are as treasonous as the contents and intentions of memo case.

The crux of the whole book is to promote issues of identity in Pakistan with prime emphasis is to disparage our national symbols and characters, maligning our armed forces, raising questions on our nuclear capabilities, promoting secularism and trying to tarnish our image in the international forum.

There is no doubt that Pakistan has a turbulent history since inception but the most unfortunate thing that happened to the country is the bulk of traitors trying to denigrate the very existence of Pakistan. The Muslims of sub-continent added through a river of blood to reach Pakistan and they offered countless sacrifices. Undoubtedly our forefathers have achieved their national purpose but after the independence the most important issue is the defense of Pakistan, which is of two types:-

a.   The defense of ideological frontiers

b.   The defense of geographical frontiers

This book is primarily designed to tempt people against the ideology of Pakistan and to stimulate misinterpretation regarding two nations theory. One can only pity those who refuse to accept that Pakistan is an Islamic ideological state or those who say that the creation of Pakistan (God forbid) was the greatest sin (Later the same group raised the issue of Pashtunistan!). Still worse, they neither leave Pakistan nor stop spitting venom against her and even continue to interfere in her affairs. Likes of them are indeed called “hypocrites” by the Holy Quran. Their state has been described in these words: (They are) distracted in mind even in the midst of it, Being (sincerely) for neither one group nor for another….” (IV – 143).

One would tend to believe that their outward stance is merely a way of earning money as only one statement in the paper against Pakistan would be sufficient to fetch them rewards from our enemies from within and without. It is indeed the easiest means of earning money. How can a country win wars if it has been changed from its ideological basis? The country which is already entangled with Taliban led militancy, nationalist insurgency; ethnic political and sectarian violence is a lucrative target to be exploited on the ideological fronts. The defense of ideological frontiers of Pakistan thus implies that we should watch and guard against the activities of such unsuspecting, but deadly enemies of Pakistan.

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The first step towards identifying the contours of response to the defense of our geographical frontiers is the correct perception of threat. Enemies are applying direct as well as indirect strategies, which include naked aggression, subversion, cultural offensive, economic aid offensive, technical aid offensive and the so called peace offensive. We must wake up to assess and respond to the seemingly innocuous but otherwise more dangerous dimensions of the threat. There are many vulnerabilities that undermine the security of Pakistan and has been exploited by our enemies and among them India stands first. To cite Ehsan Mehmood Khan, “Due to the history and nature of their relationship, Pakistan and India are expected to remain embroiled in a war of weapons or of words.”

As far as Indians mindset and traits are concerned, these are well defined by Naveed Tajamal (Investigative Historical Researcher) that, “Hindus will always sing sweet songs as a lullaby, yet hone the blades, to plunge as and when given the chance.” We are used to Indian routine to indulge in war mongering every few years or so. They have never accepted the reality of our independence since inception and are still singing the song of Maha Bharat. Their entire doctrines are based on the devilish Chanakian philosophy. To cite Raja Mujtaba, “Indian track record suggests that whenever they want to launch any offensive against Pakistan be it military, diplomatic or political, they stage activities at home and throw the blame on Pakistan.”

No Muslim can relax having known the unholy intentions of Hindus but the pseudo intellectuals like Mr. Haqqani generated the paid narratives that Pakistan has always used the aid to purchase equipments that could be used in a war against her neighbors. He doesn’t know that our military strategy is based on Defensive-Offensive doctrine contrary to the Indians whose doctrine is Offensive-Defensive. The writer accused Pakistan with the unproven allegation that Pakistan government is willing using her soil to mount terrorist attacks on another country. Behind this idea, he is supporting the idea of our enemies to declare Pakistan as an epicenter of terrorism by the UN to get legitimacy to freely trash the freedom movement in Kashmir and would have further extended it to attack Pakistan in the same cover. Had his conscience been alive and his heart blessed with the ability to identify the truth, he would have actually told the facts.

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Furthermore, the relations between Pakistan and US always remained unpredictable because historically it is proven that US always used Pakistan for her interests and then dumped us. US has a history of allying with weaker nation to fulfill its own agenda of balance in a given region and later to abandon the allies. Pakistan has a good experience of dealing with the US as an ‘ally’ and can thus opine better. After 9/11, the great game for economic gains has once again emerged in this part of the world and brought Pakistan into lime light. Once again we have seen that the US wants to exploit its position to use Asian trade routes to her own advantage to fulfill the global designs. On the other hand US has many good reasons to see India as a strategic partner and has vital interests in a balance of power in this region within the bounds of US agenda. Therefore India is playing a central role in the US security calculus which is clearly manifested in the unprecedented expansion of Indian military capabilities.

This poses great security challenge to Pakistan when viewed in the Indianhegemonic perspective. It would be a do or die situation for Pakistan. In that case Pakistan would be at liberty to practice whatever it has in the arsenal. On the other hand, the writer made a hue and cry on the military budget but forget the divine rule of Allah that is, “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others besides whom ye may not know but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the case of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly. (VIII-60)

Similarly, in my view, the relationship between the US and Pak in geopolitics, arms transfer and economic assistance through the early years and since have not only made the headlines but have also received pronounced academic attention. To the contrary, areas of cultural exchange, academic bilateralism, training programs and their impact on Pakistani society and to the lesser extent on its American counterpart are the least explored aspects of the US-Pak relationship.

He simply doesn’t know the distinction between national and international forces, and between the economic and security dimensions of foreign policy.  The link between geography and foreign policy is the crux of international politics. Besides that it is much better to subdue the enemy without fighting in keeping with the Sun Tzu’s maxims. This precept is being used in the modern warfare, which is much more deceptive and deceitful compared with the traditional meaning and manifestation of war. This is happening with Pakistan nowadays. The labels of “failed state”, State sponsoring terrorism, the most corrupt state etc are part of an intense psychological campaign against us. If we continue measuring ourselves with the yardstick that the west devised for us, we will never come out of the defeatism and negativism that have afflicted us. We must understand the psychological war and guard ourselves against it.


This book is the deliberate butchery of history that “The Traitor” undertook in his rather mediocre and one sided piece. Misinterpretation of Quaid e Azam M Ali Jinnah is the treacherous crime committed by the maniac. He does not lose any opportunity in this book to spit venom against the Great Leader Quaid. As if Jinnah would care to receive respect from him. My opinion for The Traitor is to join the Hindus and their western patrons whom he supported all his live and whom he holds in high esteem even now. He is shamelessly obdurate. He presented the narrow vision of Islam and wanted to promote secularism despite the fact already cleared that Islam is not just a religion but a complete way of life then how come Islam is not a political religion. There is a vast difference between Christen concept of religion and Islamic concept. It is ridiculous from Islamic point of view to believe that Allah is to be obeyed in private life alone and he is incapable of guiding our collective life. The writer is extremely confused and coward because he does not have guts to respond to the west leveling allegations against Islam out of sheer malice and at this time he would like to hide his face, purely because of his lack of faith and intense inferiority complex.

This book is once again the same untruth and lies like his previous work that formed the basis of much confusion and chaos. We should mark them because there is no room for negligence when it comes to deal with the enemies of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan must know them very well because these self styled “secularist liberals” are severely damaging our solidarity and enhancing hatred among masses. One wonders what possesses him to write so viciously. The version of history he is trying to sell has been long discarded by objective writers and historians. But one thing is sure that he will be remembered in the history as The Traitor. #HHaqqaniTheTraitor