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Welcome to REBOOT – The name says it all. So if you are looking for a laptop you are the right place.
Every long journey starts with a first step. So we started on a small scale but with our IT academic background and intrinsic familiarity with computers and peripherals we moved ahead rather fast. Our dealings are always straight, clean and clear. We honor our commitments. We don’t believe in high profits. We aim at high reliability, respect and trust of our clients.
We offer a whole new world of laptops buying convenience Intel Centrino, Core-Solo, Core-Duo, Core2-Duo Brand new, refurbished or used. And of course the entire major brands – ACER, APPLE, COMPAQ, DELL, HP, IBM, SONY VAIO, SIEMENS and  TOSHIBA. 
Once you give us your budget, we can give you an offer which will be highly competitive. Or you can tell your preference of brand and configuration. We can give you the details and the right price.
We have data base of available laptops, pocket PCs and Accessories from reputed suppliers around the world. Of course we also deals in associated components like; Laptop Rams, Hard drives, CD/DVD/CDRW/DVDRW ROMs, Drives, Floppy Drives, Adapters, Batteries, Carrying Case and so on.
We are here around since January 2000. Today, we are the preferred choice of many executives and home users. We enjoy a reputation of trust in terms of price and keeping our promise. We deliver what was agreed upon.

Hardware and Networking Services

REBOOT provides complete hardware and network services to a wide range of clients.  Our team has been responsible for designing, building and deploying Servers and PC’s. From the electrical outlet and Internet connection jack to the output on your screen or printer REBOOT is there to assist you with everything in between!

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Tips And Suggestions 
Gathering Diagnostic Information

No matter which computer repair service you require, you may need the following information. The more details, the better.

If the computer produced an error message, what did it say?

Does the problem occur when you turn the computer on or off?

Does the problem occur when you are using a particular device such as the printer?

Does the problem occur when you are using a particular program such as a game, spreadsheet, or word processor?

Did you have more than one program running when problem occurred? If so, what were the programs?

Did you recently install software, hardware, or both? If so, what?

What is the make and model number of the suspect hardware?

What is the version number of the software? (Look under Help then About, on the program’s toolbar)

Can you recreate the problem? If so, what are the steps?

Who is the manufacturer of your computer, and what is the model?

How much memory does your computer have, such as 256MB, 512MB?

What size is the hard disk and how much space is available?

What type of processor, such as Pentium, Celeron, or Athlon, and what is its speed (1.1GHz, 3.0GHz)?

What operating system does it use (Windows 98, Windows XP)?

Why should I buy a laptop instead a desktop?To insure that a laptop will work well for you, consider all of the possible ideas you have about when and where you would use it! Space considerations are always favorable for laptop use over a full sized desktop computer. If you intend for a laptop to be your only computer, and you will be using at home or in the office with no space limitations, you might want to consider a desktop computer instead. Whereas a laptop computer enables you to work when and where you want, allowing you both ease of operation and trouble free performance. Your computer should enable you to enhance your productivity and make better use of your time and you can use a laptop without being attached to a power outlet.

What are the advantages of buying a used laptop?

Why buy new, when used will do for much less money? With the computer industry changing faster than ever, very few individuals and companies really need the latest laptops. Used laptops offer excellent value and enables you to buy excellent quality at wholesale prices. Certainly a used laptop computer will run any application that a desktop system will run.
A used laptop computer has a proven record already, since it was working well for the first owner.

Do you offer warranty on used laptops?

All laptops are audited, tested, cleaned and individually packaged to insure quality. We offer at least 15 days warranty on all models. This is a Limited Warranty that includes parts and labor. Click here to view the full details of our Limited Warranty. Some of our refurbished laptops come with remaining Factory Warranty. Your salesperson can let you know if the laptop you intend to buy is covered by manufacturer or warranty.

How do I replace a defective product?

We take pride in the laptops we sell. All units have been thoroughly tested and have gone through numerous diagnostics to ensure our high quality standards. In the event of a warranty issue, just send an e-mail and request a Return Authorization number and instructions. The product will need to be sent within 90 days. Click here for full details of our Limited Warranty.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit cards issued in the United States. We don’t accept credit cards for international orders. All shipments must be made to the address associated with the credit card.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

We offer free shipping and delivery services all over the Pakistan.

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