Lyari is an area located in karachi where you found people of every community but Muhajirs , Sindhis, Punjabis, Balouch, Pashtooon and Memons are  in majority. We listening from a long time that its most dangerous area of financial capital of Pakistan.

Rehman Dakait is not only political leader of this area but also spiritual leader. No doubt, he was criminal but it’s fact that people of lyari love him more than their lives. That’s why after his death, a new conspiracy started. And people of Lyari divided into two groups.

In this division, political parties played a vital role. As leading political party of karachi MQM ( Mutahida Qaumi Movement ) felt danger from Rehman Dakait and their terrorist wing. They tried many times to eliminate this criminal lord.

In 2009, their dreams came true and he was died. But after his death people of Lyari divided into groups. One group is leading by Uzair Balouch ( People’s Amaan Committee ) and second one is of Arshad Pappu ( Supporter of MQM ). As Arshad Pappu was Muhajir and had full support of Nine Zero. There are also many other group exists in lyari but their supporters are very small in numbers.


I fight till my end, these are the words of Arshad Pappu. But what about Uzair Balouch , who escaped from the fight. This is not the first time when our own establishment involved in genocide of Mohajirs.

As according to Big Game 2014 designed by American FBI, destabilization of this region is part of it. Our country will suffer more in coming days.  We are moving towards sectarian violence between two major sect of ISLAM.

  KSE Listed Chemical Stocks

Fire is on in our three provinces,every passing day creating more problems for our country and we are facing more destabilization in the country.