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By Shahid Zahur

Being the sole superpower, US have a history to dictate its right or wrong terms to other countries. Actions are taken in share arrogance and later on its top brass regrets on their wrong doing. Fresh example is the former US defence secretary Remsfield who expressed regrets on the inhuman handling/ treatment by the Americans with the prisoner of Guantanamo or Abu Gharib. Similarly, defence secretary McNamara described the Vietnam war as “terribly wrong”. Handling Iraq, Afghanistan, nuclear deal with non signatory of NPT India, and closing eyes on Palestinian and Kashmir problems are a matter of concern for the world.

Another incident of arrogance is being seen by the so called democratic champion America which is pressurizing Pakistan to release a murderer whose case is in the court. It’s very unfortunate that USA is pressurizing Pakistan and has declared Davis as a diplomat. All the energies are being used by the US foreign office to get him released without fulfilling the legal requirements.

Who is Rymond A Davis, is no more a mystery because hundreds of articles have been written not only in Pakistani press but foreign media also. Jane Perlez in an article published in New York Times on 8th Feb revealed that Raymond is an ex military man who served for 10 years in USA special forces from 1993 to 2003. In 2006 he and his wife set up Hyperion Protective Services in Nevada, a company appeared to have sought government contracts for security services. The writer writes that “The Company does not appear to have won big contracts, and may have been in the business of offering just Mr. Davis’s services, according to a former Special Force officer who reviewed the company filling”. Similarly Americans have changed their statements several times regarding the identity if Davis.

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The material like pistol with more than 70 rounds different cell phone SIMs and photographs of different seminaries, military installations, border posts etc. areas recovered from his camera is by no means functions of a diplomat. USA has tried and punished many diplomats on the violation of domestic law, UNO or Vienna convention does not give any person a license to kill be it a diplomat or a non diplomat. The tendency of protecting its citizens, irrespective of their wrong doings is very dangerous.

If the US wants other countries to respect her and her laws then she must reciprocate by respecting the other countries big or small. Every human life as precious as that of an American therefore  through her deeds the US must demonstrate the same. Hitler killed millions and ruined his country due to the superiority Phobia and I would suggest that Americans should not commit the same mistake.

Only by showing respect the law/courts of other countries America can get respect for her laws and courts. History tells us that justice and respect has solved problems but never through force. Whenever force is applied problems have multiplied. “What we learn from history that we never learn from history.” We know that there are billions including Americans condemning the wrong policies of the USA, in case of Raymond Davis Americans have come out very positively to condemn his crime that is highly appreciable. If we all give up arrogance, the day is not far we shall succeed making this world free from the atrocities of the so called superiors be those from any country or society. By virtue of being the sole super power, America carries an enormous responsibility over her shoulders to maintain peace that can only be attained if America has no favourites.

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Shahid Zahur is a free lance journalist based in Rawalpindi.