Nonsense Of The Official Story

By Jonathan Azaziah

No different than the ZOG and Zionist media-promoted official 9/11 narrative, the 26/11’s official story was chock full of utter Zionist nonsense. In accordance to propaganda protocol, the attacks were initially blamed on an ‘Al-Qaeda-linked’ group known as the Deccan Mujahideen, which a host of global intelligence experts said didn’t even exist, then blamed on India’s frequent scapegoat, Lashkar-e-Taiba, which the intel specialists rejected as well, stating that ‘there are no fingerprints of Lashkar (84).’ Professional Zionist propagandists Stephen Cohen, Daniel Benjamin and Bruce Reidel held a conference at the pro-Israel Brookings Institution directly after the Mumbai assault, stating that Al-Qaeda was slated to make a video declaring responsibility for the attack (85). The Al-Qaeda videos have long been exposed as a Zionist intelligence operation, with players connected directly to Mossad and the criminal ADL (86).

In identical accord with the propaganda regarding Mohamed Atta, the ‘lead 9/11 hijacker,’ who displayed his ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ by getting drunk, enjoying the company of strippers, snorting cocaine (87) and spending time with ultra-Zionist, mega-lobbyist Jack Abramoff on his yacht engaging in the aforesaid activities (88), the Zionist media propagated that the ‘Islamic extremist’ Mumbai attackers took cocaine and LSD to stay awake during their assault and that they abused steroids as well (89). The premise was obscenely ridiculous for the 2001 false flag in New York City and it’s equally as obscenely ridiculous to surmise that such a scenario occurred during the assault on Mumbai. Despite wide-ranging media misreporting about ‘Pakistani militants,’ the language spoken by the Mumbai attackers wasn’t Urdu or any other language spoken in Pakistan and the attackers wore saffron Hindutvadi-Zionist bands (90). Police officers on the scene described the attackers as ‘white (91),’ while eyewitnesses described the attackers by stating that, ‘they did not look Indian, they look foreign,’ also adding that one attacker had blonde hair and another had a ‘punkish hairstyle (92).’

The Zionist media in occupied Palestine printed stories of the most obnoxious lunacy, stating that the attackers claimed that they were sent to ‘kill Israelis (93),’ and Abraham Foxman, national director of the Zionist intelligence wing, the Anti-Defamation League, issued a statement in which he declared that the Mumbai attack was orchestrated to ‘single out Jews,’ and later slammed anyone insinuating that Mossad was behind the assault (94). This is Zionist media damage control 101. If the ADL is attacking a theory, a group or a person, it is truth that they are attacking, and if the ADL is defending a theory, a group or a person, it is falsehood that they are defending.

The CCTV technology used at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the first target of the Mumbai attackers, is the same technology used at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, where the security is run by Safeguards Technology LLC (95), founded and headed by Israeli security expert, Moshe Levy, who has been a consultant for high-security operations across the globe (96). The pattern of the false flags here is sickening; Mossad, Shin Bet-linked, Zionist-owned ICTS ran the security at the airport which was the setting for the ‘shoe-bomber’ incident in December of 2001, the airport which was the focal point of the ‘crotch-bomber’ incident in December of 2009, the bus systems during the false flag attack against London on July 7th, 2005 (97) and most notoriously, at every airport on 9/11, during the Mossad’s most infamous, most brazen assault (98). With ex-Shin Bet officers running security on 26/11, it’s no wonder that the attackers arrived at their targets with such punctuality and carried out their mass murder with such deadly efficiency.

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It is a well known fact that the Zionist entity sent several Mossad agents to the Hindutva regime to serve as ‘guides’ for BJP in fighting counter-terrorism (99), and it has been confirmed by Tel Aviv’s mouthpiece newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, that there was an Israeli intelligence presence in Mumbai on that fateful day (100). It has also been confirmed that David Headley, the CIA’s asset who helped carry out the 1993 Bombay blasts, had a prominent role in the execution of the attacks (101). All of the evidence perfectly points to 26/11 being a well-organized, military intelligence operation, and this point is further confirmed by Mossad, the FBI, MI6 and India’s RAW all unprecedentedly collaborating to censor the police investigation directly after the false flag (102).

Malegaon Revisited: Hemant Karkare, 26/11's John O’Neil

On September 29, 2008, barely less than two months before the 26/11 operation, Malegaon was rocked by bloodshed again, when a motorcycle bomb exploded and murdered 5 Muslim civilians and injured 50 others (103). While the reaction of the Hindutva government, which it projected upon the police, was to blame Muslims as it is commonplace to do (104), the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Mumbai’s police, led by Hemant Karkare, went against the Hindutvadi controllers and uncovered a Hindutva terror cell connected to BJP that plotted and carried out the mayhem (105). In utter defiance of the BJP regime, Karkare explicitly and thunderously rejected its pressure and blasted the media’s speculative theories (106), and showed no fear by arresting an Indian army official with ties to the power brokers in New Delhi (107). Karkare also arrested leaders of RSS, one of India’s most influential Hindutvadi organizations (as discussed earlier) in connection to the Malegaon murders (108).

In another connection to the Malegaon crime, shortly before 26/11, Karkare’s ATS arrested several operatives of the murderous Hindutvadi group, Sangh Parivar, which despite numerous denials from the leaders of its sister groups BJP, RSS and VHP, is heavily funded by the Mossad; the funding and training began in February of 2007 after Israeli, Spanish and Belgian rabbinical officials met with the highest tiers of Hindutva in New Delhi (109).

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Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Purohit, the army official arrested by ATS, confessed to contacting the Zionist entity for assistance in creating a Hindutvadi nation, and the Zionist entity responded ‘very positively’ with training and equipment; ATS unearthed recorded evidence of this collaboration on the laptop of another Hindutvadi conspirator, Dayanand Pandey (110). It was the February 2007 meeting where the Malegaon conspiracy was hatched. It was the arrests of Purohit, Pandey and the Sangh Parivar operatives that tied Mossad and other Israeli elements directly to the murders on September 29th. And it was this heroic, truthful and sincere police work, which exposed Zionism and Hindutva completely, that would be the beginning of the end for Hemant Karkare.

BJP unleashed a vicious smear campaign against Karkare, targeting his investigation and accusing the ATS of abusing and torturing the Hindutvadis that were captured and questioned (111). He remained steadfast, honorably telling his team to continue their work in a righteous manner, adamantly telling his men not to falsify evidence (112). Karkare began receiving death threats days before 26/11 and continued receiving them up until 2 hours before the carnage began on that fateful day (113). The politicization of the Malegaon case by Hindutva and the siege against the ATS took its toll on Karkare, who remarked in his last days that, ‘the pressure is tremendous,’ and that the allegations leveled against his men, ‘hurt (114).’ Despite being betrayed by nearly every element of the Indian regime, Karkare still marched with his squad into South Mumbai when the butchery began, where he became one of the first casualties of 26/11 .

Karkare donned a bulletproof vest and a helmet prior to engaging the besiegers, but the official story states that he died of bullet wounds to the chest. Some reports say that he died of wounds from handgun shots, other reports say that he died of wounds from machine gun fire. The Hindutva entity has completely covered up the true nature of the ATS chief’s demise, withholding vital information, including the bulletproof itself which disappeared during the attacks. The first reason for this is, the ATS officers were supplied with substandard equipment to move into combat, a major violation of Indian law (115). In actuality, Karkare died of shots to the neck and the shoulders, exactly where the inferior vests didn’t protect him (116). The second reason, and more important reason for this is, Karkare wasn’t simply murdered in a ‘terror attack;’ he was brutally assassinated in an operation conducted by RAW and IB {The Intelligence Bureau of India} (117), with Mossad providing exceptional cover with its false flag attack. Kavita Karkare, Hemant’s grieving wife, has rejected every claim of the Hindutva regime and has repeatedly said that there are countless questions and not a single answer being provided (118); the people have joined the widow in their calls for a new investigation into Karkare’s death and justice for the national hero.

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Not only is Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amin Kasab, the man accused of killing Karkare and two of his colleagues, both of them being top cops as well, completely innocent, he has demanded an international trial because he feels that he has been framed by RAW and Israeli officials (119), after RAW kidnaped him in Nepal along with 200 others to be used for the Indian intelligence agency’s ‘ulterior designs at a later date (120).’ To complete the cover-up, Hindutva installed the notoriously anti-Muslim bigot, Rakesh Maria, who has links to the Zionist entity, as the new chief of the ATS (121). It was none other than Maria who led the investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks (122), giving the intelligence agencies mentioned in the previous section free reign to contaminate and censor all information collected.

It is frightening how closely Karkare’s tragedy resembles the tragedy of former FBI counter-terrorism chief John P. O’Neil who was murdered on 9/11. O’Neil had also faced terrible pressure from the Zionist Power Configuration in Washington and his FBI superiors for delving too deep into the true nature of Al-Qaeda. His investigations were blocked, his team was removed from their posts in Yemen, smear campaigns were launched against him, and like Karkare, who was described as ‘disturbed’ and ‘not himself’ in his last days (123), John O’Neil would lose 20 pounds and become severely depressed prior to being forced out of his position at the FBI. After the fiasco at the FBI, O’Neil would be approached by ultra-Zionist 9/11 criminal Jerome Hauer and offered a job at Kroll, a security company owned by Zionist Jules B. Kroll. While Kroll, Hauer and many other sayanim that were key to Mossad’s operation on 9/11 weren’t present when the thermite explosives collapsed the towers, John O’Neil was. He died that day, the victim of Israel’s criminal network, murdered to cover up the truth behind Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda (124).

Chillingly, like O’Neil, Karkare also had a background in intelligence, working as an officer for RAW prior to heading the ATS (125). May Hemant Karkare and John O’Neil rest in peace, with their Zionist and Hindutvadi murderers brought to justice by the people of conscience.

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi, Moroccan-Hebrew, Russian MC, poet, activist and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the effects that it has on the world's oppressed people. His mixtape, Take The Red Pill Volume 2: Disarm The Octopus will be available for download soon.

To be continued.

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