"Strength of Pakistan Lies Beyond Pakistan." Raja Mujtaba

Editor's Note: This interview was conducted by Tabish Qayum for Fortress magazine and published in it's April issue.

By Tabish Qayum

After graduating from the college, Raja Mujtaba joined Pakistan Army and was commissioned in a Tank Regiment. He is a veteran of Indo-Pakistan war. After leaving the Army, he joined IT as a profession. He was hired by Kuwait Air Force And Air Defence as an Adviser to computerise it's entire operation. Here he was the Chief Coordinator of the Project, Kuwait Automated Support System (KASS). It was a state of the art leading edge technology where we established over 500 online terminals network with dedicated voice and data communications. It had the Satellite linkups to connect with other systems and track the inventory movement for KAF & AD. On this project, he was coordinating with US Navy, IBM World, AT&T and Martin Marietta for development, deployment and operation of the KASS. Writing has always been a passion with him, he has been writing for 25 years for various newspapers and periodicals. Now for the last five years, he has formed a virtual Think Tank, O. M. Center For Policy Studies, www.Opinion-Maker.org is it’s online publication.

Raja Mujtaba’s focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love.

Q: The political upheaval caused in Middle-East, particularly the Egypt and Tunisia. Do you think in the post revolution context, the aspirations of the people will be met or is it feared to be hijacked by their respective military establishment or foreign stakeholders?

Raja Mujtaba: This is a very complicated scenario. Like before in any revolution, the people are very genuine but there are other actors and directors who mange from behind the curtain. The same actors are back in the game trying to manipulate the events. It’s not easy to mobilize people just through cell phones or other social media websites etc. these have been planned like a science with lot of sophistication playing on the sentiments of the people.  To the public and the world in general it appears that it’s a genuine revolution but in reality these people are only being supported to win their sympathies to get rid of the old horses and bring in some new ones in their place.

Both the dictators in Tunisia and Egypt had outlived their utility, their graph was almost zero and they were the most hated persons in their respective countries. The Zionist forces, Israel and the USA seeing it as an opportunity to replace them with their new stooges activated the uprisings but as it appears now the situation may not be as planned by the Zionists. Public are not accepting the replacements from the existing lot who were close to the old dictators.

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Zionists are all out to capture all the resources of the world, more so of the Muslim World. They are always scheming and planning to increase their grip over the region.

Q: Unlike Egypt & Tunisia. The Libyan unrest presents a picture of complete turmoil and a civil war has broke throughout the country-between the anti & pro factions of Gaddafi. Are there possibilities of foreign elements intending to exploit the situation for their interests or purposes?

Raja Mujtaba: Gaddafi has resisted the change, his loyalists are fighting the protestors, this goes in the larger interest of the Zionists who want to move in. The civil unrest and complete breakdown of law and order with no possible change in sight would provide an ideal situation for the US and her allies to move in and take over Libya. For this reason, the necessary moves in the Security Council and elsewhere in the EU are already underway.

Gaddafi should sense this move and handover the power to the people, apologize to the public, surrender his wealth to the state and seek refuge some place. This move would not only forestall any evil move by the US and her Zionist supporters but also save Libya from a major catastrophe. If he does not, then he is playing in the hands of the enemies of the Muslim world and Islam. 

Q: Do you consider the up rises occurring in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to be legitimate, or do you see them turning into a proxy conflict between the Iranian & Gulf establishment. Since the socio-political and economic context of these societies is much different to that of Egypt & Tunisia in particular?

Raja Mujtaba: It has a shade of both. The sectarian powers should keep out of the conflict; it should only be the people of a country fighting for their rights. If Iran tries to instigate or capitalize on this situation, it would not be in the interest of the Muslim world or the region. This in turn can also engulf Iran into an inferno that would almost be impossible to extinguish.

In Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, it’s not the economic situation but a tight hold over the society, every person is spying and being spied upon. People find it difficult to express themselves; they have no liberties, no say in the affairs of the state. The rulers do what they feel like; they have become pawns of the Zionists that is resented and hated by the public at large.

Q: Considering the impact of the public up rise in Egypt & Tunisia. Do you see its outfall manifest any changes on the political canvas of Pakistan?

Raja Mujtaba: Conditions in Pakistan are much different to those in Egypt or Tunisia, here its corruption, lawlessness, a musical chair amongst the power players who are again not concerned about the sentiments of the people. Basic utilities like gas, electricity, petrol etc are being taken out of the reach of the common man. Cartels have been formed by the ruling class, who benefiting just themselves with no concern for the common man in the street.

By and large the majority of people want an Islamic political system in place, they are not for secularization of the Islamic culture. This is again being fanned by the Zionist agents and those of Hindu lobby.  The economic strangulation is forcing the people to come out on the streets and remove the ruling class.

Democracy is not the need of the people, it’s a rhetoric of the corrupt rulers, people want basic needs, justice, security of life, property and honour. People are talking of a revolution like that of France where they would drag and kill the affluent, corrupt ruling class.

Q: Talking about the change in Pakistan, each political party has its own vision and outlook of change & revolution, could you guide what change is acceptable and consistent with the aspirations of Pakistan and its people?

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Raja Mujtaba: I am yet to see if there is a political party that has vision. All that they are for is the exploitation of the state resources and the poor people. They have no vision, no direction and no goal before them that could place Pakistan in the class of respectable countries.

Q: Focusing on the Raymond Davis issue, how do you see its significance redefining or impacting the PAK-U.S. relations, specifically the relations between the two intelligence services, ISI and the CIA?

Raja Mujtaba: Raymond Davis has come as a blessing in disguise, that too at a time when the tables were being turned over us. His arrest has given a new opportunity to the people of Pakistan, they have once again demonstrated that they can take a united stand against all odds. People like Zardari, Yusuf Gillani, Rahman Malik etc. tried their best to let Raymond go so that they earn a few more coins and the goodwill of our adversaries. Public has taken away the initiative from them. The judiciary has been moved that so far has acted in line with the popular sentiment of the people and in line of justice.

Raymond Davis during the investigations, has revealed some sensational crimes and collusions. Through him some 50 or so TTP criminals have been hauled up that has brought some noticeable relief to terrorist activities  including the drone attacks.

Raymond was planning to play a big game, he was to handover some dirty bomb material to TTP people to be used in Afghanistan against the US so that on that excuse America would have moved into Pakistan.

To keep relations with Pakistan is as much in the interest of the US as is for Pakistan. In fact its more in the interest of the US. If the US wants to impose sanctions, let them please themselves. It would be again a blessing in disguise, Pakistan will manage to stand at her own; this would also mean some significant political changes within Pakistan. The self styled well wishers of Pakistan will be thrown out by the people for some genuine people from the middle class to come forward.

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Q: Mr. Mujtaba there has been a smear campaign against you and few other figures in the alternative media-particularly Ahmed Quraishi, Shireen Mazari and Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan- since there has been a refutation of labeling your writings as conspiracy theories? Do you think this claim holds any validity?

Raja Mujtaba: Sometimes I get the feel that those who are writing against me or my group have their links across the border. What all they have written against us is a perfect example of conspiracy theory. The writers do not know me, they never contacted me to ask me any question etc. What they have written is their assumption or a fear in their mind of the rising popularity of Opinion Maker group.

The group that I have formed comprises of all volunteers who are working as their contribution to Pakistan. All the routine expenses are being funded by me from my meager resources. We have no donors and sources of funds. So to say that we are a sponsored group is a big joke.

Q: You propone that, 'Pakistan's strength lies beyond Pakistan'. What significance does this notion hold?

Pakistan is an ideological state; based on Islam. This vision was given by Dr Alama Iqbal, a pan-Islamist who transcended much above the narrow concept of nationhood. His world would start beyond horizons, beyond the skies into different galaxies. Exactly as part of the same vision, he wanted Pakistan to rise beyond its geographical thinking and be more universal in its approach.

Pakistan has been created as a launching pad for the Muslim Ummah, it must realize its purpose of creation and work towards that goal, if it does not hold true to that vision, it will collapse and Pakistan will trigger a self destruction mechanism.

Political thinking must transcend above provincialism, ethnic divides or sectarian strife. The present leadership if one can call it a leadership has no vision, it has no goals before it, all we hear from it is accusations and counter accusations. On the contrary, its following the path that it should discard therefore there is no hope with this myopic leadership.

Pakistan’s political capital comprises of two basic components, vision of Iqbal and the nuclear capability. Both need to be galvanized and developed as a political vision where the other countries are forced to look towards Pakistan with a deep respect.

Allah has blessed Pakistan with all that a country needs to remain at top, we have all the natural resources, blessed with four seasons round the year, a very professional military and on top of all very hard working patriotic citizens.  Where we lack is the vision and a political will to realize our potential. If we can look beyond Pakistan as a political ideology based on the vision of Iqbal all our internal dissenting powers will be put to rest once for all.

As a start Pakistan must look beyond Pakistan and focus on Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). ECO is our future and not SAARC.