By Raja G Mujtaba

A web based radio channel has been launched that would be covering global current issues with particular focus on Mid-East, Central Asia, China, SAARC, US, EU etc.

Since 9/11 world is not the same, it has lost its peace, trust and love that was there before. After 9/11, that many take it as a ‘False Flag Operation’ was staged to wage a war on the Muslim world primarily for two reasons:

  • To bring about Zionist controlled NWO
  • To capture all the hydrocarbon and other resources as all lie here
  • Further sub-divide the Muslim states to establish Zionist hegemony.

First attack was launched on Afghanistan, again with two major objectives:

  • Control the Central Asian Republics and take over their resources.
  • Contain China so that it does not expand its influence in the outside world.
  • De-Islamize the region and bring about changes in a manner that puppets are installed here to be watching the Zionist interests in the region.

All most all the Arab Republics are under siege, only the kingdoms and sheikdoms are left alone as these are openly supporting the Zionist agenda.

Syria is under siege for over 2 years to bring a regime change there but have failed miserably to bring about any change there; now Israel feels that Bisher Al-Assad would be a better choice to work with – after a countless killings and making even greater number of refugees.

Pakistan has under gone elections, first in its history where a democratically elected government is handing over to another democratically elected government.

PML-N has secure simple majority where it has no need to form any alliances, hence it would be a firm and stable government but would depend how it would deliver.

  Obama snatches defeat from jaws of victory

PTI of Imran Khan has emerged as the 2nd largest party in terms of popular votes and is forming its government in Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa province of Pakistan. Not an easy province as it borders Afghanistan where cross border movement is a routine that causes terrorist activities in the country.

Both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan were committed to hold dialogue with Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that is generally understood to be a CIA creation and is directed through Al-Qaida, another CIA child. Mullah Waliur Rahman, who was close confidant of Mullah Samiul Haq and was supporting the dialogue for peace has been eliminated through a drone strike by the US.

An effort for peace has been sabotaged by the US, why? Has raised many questions to be answered but it’s a strong reflection of the US intentions in the region.

This was the inaugural show; hereafter it  would be conducted on weekly basis that would also have guests on the panel to make the discussion more meaningful and lively.