US Attacks Pakistan; Violates The Sovereignty

Raja Mujtaba speaking on the show was very clear and firm about his opinions. He heads O.M. Center For Policy Studies and its web publication 

Osama's killing drama has been reenacted  mainly for two reasons:

  1. To boost the falling rating of Obama who looks certain to be defeated in 2012.
  2. To tighten noose around Pakistan and declare it as an evil doer so that her nukes can be removed.

Unfortunately for the US both these objectives will not be achieved. Osama; more than likely will haunt out Obama from the White House.

Pakistan is to be denuclearized before US and Israel can venture into Iran and Pakistan. People of nuclear Pakistan will never allow Iran or Saudi Arabia to be attacked or destabilsed by the Zionists.

Osama was never present in Abbottabad, for all that is known, he is dead long time ago. Had the Americans got Osama, his body like a trophy would have been traded in every state of the US, world media would have been invited to make it widely aired for the world to see. Why the body was cremated and then disposed off in the sea has raised more questions than providing any answers. This was a false move, Obama has played with the sentiments of the American public. This would backfire that would force Obama out of White House.

No Pakistan radars were jammed, all the information being released by White House is lacking consistency.

Mark Glenn is reputed journalist and a committed Christian who is working to bring the Muslims and Christians closer. He has a very soft corner for the Muslims and desires peace and love in this world. He has his own blog The Ugly Truth.

  Glenn Beck Will Shed Real Tears

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