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Rahat Bakers opened its new franchise at I-10 Markaz. Residents of the sector are very happy.Now they don’t need to go I-8 which is 3km far away from this most populous sector of Islamabad.

Dating Spot

I-10 is a place, whose Chambeli Road is very famous about the dating spot where mostly the couples of Islamic International University meet up.

Milano a pizza shop opened near Utility store just three months before and captured a sufficient number of customers. As it’s good place to sit in to eat Pizza.¬†While there rivalries Heaven Foods and Pizzano don’t have any place to facilitate their customers.

I visited this small restaurant and found that majority of their customers are young couples. Who really need of a place to sit in and can talk with their loved ones.

But after opening of Rahat, Milano Restaurant business will definitely effect. Some people argue that Rahat is no more rivalry of Tehzeeb baker because that’s why it’s opening it’s new franchise at I-10 Markaz. But in my opinion, this justification is unrealistic.

The price of houses reached above PKR 20 Million in I-10, so it’s good move by Rahat to capture a market share. And I-10 in really in need of some good bakery or spot where people can sit and eat a good food.