Whole battalions of “intellectuals” are busy like bees to deconstruct Islam. One day, they write against Sharia, the next day, they are concerned about human rights, and the rest of the Western agenda to transform the Muslim world. They are blind to the aggression which is desecrating the Islamic way of life.

By Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal

They have been so terrorized by the interminable war of terror that began in October 2001 that now they have utterly lost their self-respect. They sit on thrones made of gold and sit on silk carpets, but they utterly devoid of strength as the Qur’an has described them: When you see them, their bodies please you, and when they speak, you are inclined to listen to what they say; but they are as if beams of timber propped up (Q 63:4). The disease of the hypocrites is said to inhere in their hearts (Q 2:10); and if the heart is diseased, the entire body is unsound, as a Prophetic hadith states: “Verily! In the body there is a piece of flesh; if it is sound, the whole body is sound, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted; verily! It is the heart.” And they are the custodians of billions of dollars of public money which they spend on buying useless arms from their masters, on personal jets, on women, palaces and commodities which we cannot even imagine.

In addition, they preside over utterly dysfunctional bodies: OIC, the Arab League, ISSESCO, COMSTECH, and the list goes on and on. They fabricated these useless bodies in the era of great oil rush to deflate the rise of Islamic consciousness in the Muslim world. And they have succeeded in taking the wind out of the euphoric hope of the 1970s, when a passing wind of vigor, hope, and awakening emerged in the Muslim world at the dawn of the fifteenth century after Hjira. In their concerted efforts to drain and destroy the hopes and desires of a new generation of Muslims, which had harbored hopes of living their lives according to their beliefs and customs after three centuries of disasters, dependency, domination, and colonialism, these rulers made secret alliances, ensured the continuity of their terrible misrule and fabricated paper tigers which roared for a while.

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Now, they have taken their masks off; the post-9/11 era has emboldened them to such an extent that they are openly propagating a version of Islam which has been fabricated in board rooms of the Western capitals, through a multi-million dollar project aimed at transforming the life of Muslims from within: from the heart of the contemporary world of Islam to its outermost boundaries, there is hardly a country where one does not see these despotic rulers who have no concern for anything but their own thrones and presidential palaces.

In addition, whole battalions of “intellectuals” are busy like bees to deconstruct Islam. One day, they write against Sharia, the next day, they are concerned about human rights, and the rest of the Western agenda to transform the Muslim world. They are blind to the aggression which is desecrating the Islamic way of life; they see no problem in joining hands with Tony Blair and Co. in search of a common word. The Common Word initiative, shamelessly premised on part of a verse from the Glorious Qur’an, is spending millions of dollars to establish a “dialogue” among civilizations, but it utterly disregards the historic reality of that verse, its occasion of revelation and the threat it contains for those who were invited with a common word. In fact, those who have fabricated these forums to converse with their sweet tongues live in constant fear of the day when they will receive a phone call from the White House like the one received by Pakistan’s worst military dictator, a full general who shook in his pants while listening to George W. Bush after 9/11. Can there be anything more ludicrous than the potentates of Gulf countries telling the Syrian President to reform! This is not only black humor; it is black tragedy and it is at the expense of people who have lived under the reign of terror for over forty years.

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The worst thing about these rulers is that they are sitting on their thrones and presidential chairs at a time when the United States of America and its European partners are busy in recasting the old colonial net around the entire Muslim world. Their direct military interventions of the past few years, including those in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya are not haphazard, accidental aggressions; they are part of a grand plan to reconstruct the map of the Muslim world. This is needed not only to secure future oil supplies, but also to destroy the remaining possibilities of a Muslim reawakening.

The new push did not come into existence on September 11, 2001; it has been in the making since the demise of the Soviet Union. NATO was living in a desert after the end of the Cold War, reinventing itself by becoming a frontline war machine against Muslims around the world. The weapon industry of the United States of America had lost much of its market; it has now reinvented a much larger market. It recently signed a contract with the Saudis to sell arms worth $60 billion! Imagine what that amount of money can do for the whole African continent!

The only hurdle against the new Western hegemonic designs for the Muslim world is Iran; its rulers are neither beholden to IMF nor to Washington for their positions. Since 1979, Iran has successfully pursued a policy of defiance and it has remained fiercely independent. That is why it is now the frontline for the next Western aggression. The only way to attack Iran is through a fabricated deception, which takes its nuclear ambitions as the point of departure. Iran denies the reports about developing nuclear weapons whenever they surface, but isn’t it amazing that no one, not even the Iranian leadership, asks the basic question: Is there any logical or moral reason that only a handful of Western countries can possess the most lethal weapons human beings have ever invented? Who gave this “right” to them and why are other countries denied the same?