By Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal

So, now we are supposed to comb through millions of pieces of evidence released by a 39-year-old Australian man, who have had a difficult childhood, but who nevertheless has etched his name in history by releasing the foul odors of a dirty laundry that is symptomatic of a deep malaise of our times which no one is interested in investigating; rather, “experts”, commentators, and columnists around the world are busy in finding particulars in this vast cache of explosive information, which has historic implications for the future of diplomacy even that of humanity.

That deeper malaise, which not many commentators are interesting in reading in these documents, is the obvious fact that men and women who feature so prominently in these documents are determining, in their own small ways, the affairs of the world; they make decisions which affect lives of millions of people around the world and therefore they carry a very serious responsibility and the discharge of that responsibility has implications for their own lives, both in this world and in the Hereafter.

The Hereafter is “slipped in”, with a capital “H” to underscore the characteristic absence of any Islamic critique of the millions of bites of information now floating all over the world, blinding eyes and hearts by the sheer force of its volume, if not by the intensity of the fowl odor which permeates specific comments made by specific human beings whose highly glamorized pictures adore many a newspapers, TV screens, and websites on a daily basis.

What is so nauseating in this release is not so much the hopelessness of any effort to correct the course of events for a better world to emerge from the rubble of follies, but the sheer lack of any vision of a world, whereby humanity can hope to live in peace and harmony, on the part of those who are running the affairs of this world at the human plane.


The fact that none of the so-called world leaders show an iota of humanity in dealing with the very humane problems of the world, and that they are all embroiled in petti games, is what defines the over-arching hue and contour of these diplomatic releases. That these men and a few women in these events are busy in nothing, running all over the place, in pursuit of nothing is obvious; they are essentially not interested in solving any problems. For instance, what we have is only the façade of Middle East peace process for public consumption, as deep down, there is absolutely nothing in this morbid and unending squabble; the people who are engaged in this farce are doing it just for the show!

What a shame for those whose comments made in the confines of board rooms and diplomatic circles have now become public property, and thereby part of history, but what a tragedy for the entire human race that such men and women are in charge of the affairs of the world!

That the entire human race is now being led by morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt leaders and therefore stands at the brink of a disaster it has never witnessed before, is obvious from any basic reading of this material, but what is of greater concern is the lack of any counter-force in the world. The present world order is defined by the global aggression of one country—the United States of America—which has enlisted overt or covert support of other nations by configuring the world in black and white (“you are with us or against us”). This black and white picture can be rendered into words as: there are ragtag Islamic militants who are going to destroy the Western civilization, the Western way of life, and therefore it is imperative for all Western powers to join hands and destroy them. This is one of the two premises on which the present world order is based.

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The second component of this same sordid affair is the uncritical loyalty—nay servitude—of the US rulers from both sides of the so-called political divide to the state of Israel. No matter what one thinks of this state and its history, it is the main component in the emergence of modern Middle East and it frames the political discourse in a very large part of the world. This absolute US loyalty to the interests of Israel is not based on any mystery; it has emerged historically: the state of Israel came into existence and it continues to exist not because a few thousand European Jews migrated to the Holy Land in the first four decades of the twentieth century and thereafter, but because the powers that ruled the world at the turn of the twentieth century—Britain, France, US—willed it. They established mechanisms for forging a so-called Jewish state in the heart of Islamic lands—a state most Jews know is not Jewish in any religious sense of the world—but to which most Jews have deep loyalty.

The mechanism for establishing the state of Israel was unjust; it was unjust because it destroyed the lives of millions of human beings living in that part of the world. No one has been interested in resolving this unjust state of affairs since 1947 and no one in the power circles is now interested in doing so.

Until and unless there is justice, there will remain strife and conflict and no matter how many times we return to this wonderful evidence released by Julian and no matter how many more proofs we find in it, the basic fact remains: we are living in an unjust world order brought into existence by men and women of very little moral uprightness and perpetuated by phobias and outright violence and aggression. The rest, as they say, is history and in this case, it reallyis history.

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Muzaffar Iqbal is the founder-president of Center for Islam and Science (, Canada, and editor of

Islam & Science, a semi-annual journal of Islamic perspectives on science and civilization. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry (University of Saskatchewan, Canada, 1983), and then left the field of experimental science to fully devote himself to study Islam, its spiritual, intellectual and scientific traditions.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, he has lived in Canada since 1979. He has held academic and research positions at University of Saskatchewan (1979-1984), University of Wisconsin-Madison (1984-85), and McGill University (1986). During 1990-1999, he pursued his research and study on various aspects of Islam in Pakistan, where he also worked as Director, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) between 1991-96 and as Director, Pakistan Academy of Sciences (1998-99).

During 1999-2001, Dr. Iqbal was Program Director (Muslim World) for the Science-Religion Course Program of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS), Berkeley, USA.

Dr. Iqbal has published books and papers on  the relationship between Islam and science, Islam and the West, the contemporary situation of Muslims, and the history of Islamic science.

His publications include Islam and Science, God, Life and the Cosmos: Christian and Islamic Perspectives , Science and Islam, Dawn in Madinah: A Pilgrim’s Passage , The Making of Islamic Science (IBT, 2009) and a few more titles.

He is the General Editor of the forthcoming seven-volume Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur’an, the first English language reference work on the Qur’an based on fourteen centuries of Muslim reflection and scholarship. He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.