To state that Pakistan is not a Brand conscious market would be a false statement of epic proportions. A Pakistani consumer is as likely to be buying a branded product as any other consumer from a developed country, especially when it comes to purchasing mobile phones. Who among us hasn’t saved money for a month or two or even longer to buy the latest iPhone or a Samsung or any other international brand.

So, when a new company in the Shape of Qmobile, which was not an internationally recognized cell phone manufacturer, started to make headway into the Pakistani mobile phone market well let’s just say that it turned very few heads. But few years into its launch in the country and the company has made a considerably large customer base, competing with big names like apple, Samsung and HTC. A lot of experts even rate Qmobile to be the number 2 brand in Pakistan mobile phone market in terms of customer preferences. The wide range of cell phones, ranging from simple keypad phones to smartphones, that the company offers are continuously gaining popularity and more and more people now actually consider Qmobile to be a very viable option when they go out looking for a new cell phone.

So, what can be the reason behind such a meteoric rise in poularity of Qmobiles in Pakistan. The company itself claims that when it started its operations in Pakistan its biggest challenge was to be “recognized as a trusted and reliable brand by Pakistani mobile users”. And then there was also thing of competing against the “gigantic” multinational brands. So the company decided to take a policy of combining quality and affordability. Now, it is this ‘affordability’ part that sets Qmobile apart from Apple and other big brands. With the continuous economic uncertainty in Pakistan the consumers are always looking to spend less and save more. So, when you can find a good quality smart phone at almost the 3 times less the price of an iPhone or an Android who wouldn’t want to buy.