Russia recently started airstrikes against syrian rebels, Jabhat ul Nusra and ISIS. It’s move to save Assad regime which was almost near to end. These strikes and ground troops are part of it to protect the Syrian Government.

Putin trying to save falling regime of Alwatie’s through full fledge military support. But the silence of United State is also doubtful. Obama denounce Putin but in a limited way. Russian jet fighter’s also violated Turkey’s Air space, which made Erdogan very angry. He said in Brussels, Attack on Turkey, will be consider as an attack on NATO.

It’s true that ISIS is in great panic after Russian involvement in Syria. Meanwhile, Rebels are also thinking to unite against Russian invasion in syria. Some news proclaimed that 41 groups of rebels signed an MOU to fight against Russia collectively.

Putin’s motive

  • To get back the lost prestige of Russia.
  • To show Military Power to opponent (US & NATO)
  • To strengthen position in Middle East
  • To get benefit from IRAN & SYRIA.
  • To fulfill the friendship.