Hard Proof – VT Proves Bashir Assad, President of Syria an Israeli Agent


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


There are two basically communist countries in the Middle East, Israel, mixed Communist, Socialist and military dictatorship and Syria, a military dictatorship that was Baathist, a mixture of Communism, Socialism and “Arab identity exploitation.”

Putin loves them both equally but is forced to visit Israel so as not to appear to be, well, deeply involved in a plot against the United States involving Israel, the Soviet Union and Syria.  Some call the Soviet Union “Russia.”  They believe the US won the cold war.

No wonder Putin chooses his best friend, “Bibi” for his first overseas visit.  They have a lot to talk about.  Problem is, we know the whole dirty story.

Putin hates America more than anyone in the world, any terrorist, were there to be such things. And there might be but there is little or no existing proof that international terrorist organizations exist except for those simulated by governments for reasons of need to respond with violence against innocent civilians.


Munich – Who really did what to whom, and why? And has this kind of thing been done before?

Ain’t never been no Al Qaeda, the others, even the famed PLO little but an Israeli front organization.  Would Israel kill it’s own Olympic athletes to gain sympathy? In a New York minute they would and have done little else for some time.

Later we are going to expose the 2003 Israeli attack on Syria’s imaginary nuclear program and categorically prove it could never have happened.  Then we can explain why the two nations worked together to deceive the world that they were enemies when, in fact, they were fast friends.

Next week, new Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will be making his first overseas trip.  It isn’t to Germany or China or America.  He is visiting the man he says is his closest ally, and for that he travels to Tel Aviv.

While the world is nearing war over Syria, he is visiting Benjamin Netanyahu.

What has been mysterious is the pattern of communications between Israeli intelligence and the wife of Assad, the current president of Syria. Here, we have a verrrryyyy interesting story.


Daddy Hafez Assad – Mass murderer, but only one of many

Assad’s father took over Syria and established it as a military dictatorship in 1971.

His primary enemy was the Muslim Brotherhood, the same political party that won the recent elections in Egypt but is being prevented from taking power by highly illegal interference by a military long under the control of Mubarak and his friends in Israel.

At one time, Syria and Egypt were one Communist nation, called The United Arab Republic.  After 1961, with multiple government overthrows, this arrangement was dissolved.

The elder Assad, Hafez, exterminated the Muslim Brotherhood, finishing with the massacre of 30,000 civilians at the massacre of Hama in 1982.  The video below is in Arabic from 1982, 30 years ago.

The scenes are almost identical to those seen today yet some of the world acts as though this wasn’t all predicted so long ago:


From that point forward, extremely tight controls were maintained over the population where one in five people were government informants.  This continues to this day.

Did the Arab Spring really start in 1982

Syrians have had the name Assad hanging over them since the 70′s. They look on the family as Awat extremists, a brutal dictatorship. More have died in Syria than any place but Iraq. (American killing.)

Both nations, at one time Baathist, are among the most advanced in the Middle East, people capable, if allowed, of electing free governments without interference, said to be NATO but increasingly looking like good friends in Moscow and Tel Aviv.

We have so many whose beliefs are all based on the propaganda that Israel is an American ally and free, ask the 60,000 Israeli’s of African origin who are being expelled by gunpoint after years of working for $2 per day, ask them about freedom.

More of why the Assad name is despised by all in Syria, undisputed photos of Assad butchery from 1982, almost identical to those we see today:

Calling this a new revolution is insane?  This has been going on for 30 years with over 100,000 dead.


Assad’s oldest son was his father’s choice to succeed him, a strong military leader who would have been legally old enough to assume the presidency in 2000 when his father died. Instead, Bashir al Assad, an Opthamologist from London who was finishing his residency is president.

Bashir’s personal accomplishments are primarily having been propelled through medical school in Damascus, and when it became necessary, was given the rank of Colonel in the Army with less training than Uganda gives a private security guard.

A few odd things happened.  Bashir became president in 2000 running unopposed and getting 97.5% of the vote.

He also married a young lady from London that he met while doing medical training there. Some believe her to be an Israeli agent and Bashir’s handler. We think that is outrageous and irresponsible.

Her job, prior to marrying Bashir was working as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan/Rothschild, the largest Jewish controlled financial institution in the world.

Between 2000 and 2008, there was considerable bluster and even a bombing between Israel and Syria.  However, on the Syrian nuclear plant that Israel claims to have bombed in 2007, we have pieced some new deal closing information together.

At the time of the bombing, Syria was undergoing political turmoil much as it is now, with the demand that Bashir resign and leave the country. The only thing that saved him was the Israeli attack on a “reactor” that absolutely no one believes ever existed.

Then it happened.

A newspaper in Qatar, interviewing Bashir, confirmed he had been in negotiations with Israel with Turkey as an intermediary, for a number of years.  This was 2008 and was confirmed by Israel, meaning they had been negotiating long before that.  The UK Guardian confirms but private sources place the date at 2003 rather than 2007.  It was highly profitable both nations to fein conflict.

What was most important was that Iran not be told of the talks nor the part Turkey had taken in aiding Israeli plans to attack Iran.

Turkey had allowed Israel to use their air space for training because their terrain closely resembled areas of Iran that Israel planned to attack.  However, Turkey was unaware that planes involved in this effort were being relocated to forward staging areas in the Republic of Georgia, making Turkey, technically, fully complicit in this planned illegal attack.

Helping coordinate the attack are intelligence units forward stationed in Azerbaijan, under the guise of technicians, trainers and advisors under the broad armaments agreements with that small nation.

Supply operations, moving necessary ordnance, much of it supplied by the United States under ammunition storage agreements, is being moved through the Black Sea to the Georgian Port of Poti, a major site for exporting coal and manganese ore.

Also, when looking at the Israeli bombing, dubbed Operation Orchard, it fails to take into account that, in 1991, Syria purchased an S300 air defense system from Russia, which was manned by their personnel and was the most modern version available when online some time before 1996.

  Reflections on Balochistan

It could have shot down the Israeli planes on the runway, much less have been defeated by any technology Israel had.  No technology America has currently, stealth or otherwise, can operate in that  environment.

In fact, the S300 system from 1996 is superior in performance to the current Patriot 3, our top level air defense system.  Let’s go further, this is what Wikipedia says about the system operational in 2003 in Syria and why Russian technicians were used:

S-300PMU-1/2 (SA-20)


S-300PMU-2 64N6E2 acquisition radar (part of 83M6E2 command post)



The S-300PMU-1 (Russian ?-300???-1,US DoD designation SA-20A, NATO reporting name SA-20 Gargoyle) was also introduced in 1992 with the new and larger 48N6 missiles for the first time in a land-based system and introduced all the same performance improvements from the S300FM version including the increased speed, range, TVM guidance and ABM capability.[11] The warhead is slightly smaller than the naval version at 143 kg (315 lb). This version also saw the introduction of the new and more capable 30N6E TOMB STONE radar.

The S-300PMU-1 was introduced in 1999 and for the first time introduces several different kinds of missiles in a single system. In addition to the 5V55R, 48N6E and 48N6E2 missiles the S-300PMU-1 can utilise two new missiles, the 9M96E1 and 9M96E2. Both are significantly smaller than the previous missiles at 330 and 420 kg (728 and 926 lb respectively) and carry smaller 24 kg (53 lb) warhead.

The 9M96E1 has an engagement range of 1–40 km (1–25 mi) and the 9M96E2 of 1–120 km (1–75 mi). They are still carried 4 per TEL. Rather than just relying on aerodynamic fins for manoeuvring, they use a gas-dynamic system which allows them to have an excellentprobability of kill (Pk) despite the much smaller warhead. The Pk is estimated at 0.7 against a tactical ballistic missile for either missile.

The S-300PMU-1 typically uses the 83M6E command and control system, although it is also compatible with the older Baikal-1E and Senezh-M1E CCS command and control systems. The 83M6E system incorporates the 64N6E (BIG BIRD) surveillance/detection radar. The fire control/illumination and guidance radar used is the 30N6E(1), optionally matched with a 76N6 low altitude detection radar and a 96L6E all altitude detection radar. The 83M6E command and control system can control up to 12 TELs, both the self propelled 5P85SE vehicle and the 5P85TE towed launchers. Generally support vehicles are also included, such as the 40V6M tow vehicle, intended for lifting of the antenna post]


S-300PMU-2 vehicles. From left to right: 64N6E2 detection radar, 54K6E2 command post and 5P85 TEL.



The S-300PMU-2 Favorite (Russian ?-300???-2 ??????? –Favourite, DoD designation SA-20B), introduced in 1997, is an upgrade to the S-300PMU-1 with range extended once again to 195 km (121 mi) with the introduction of the 48N6E2 missile. This system is apparently capable against not just short range ballistic missiles, but now also medium range tactical ballistic missiles.

It uses the 83M6E2 command and control system, consisting of the 54K6E2 command post vehicle and the 64N6E2 surveillance/detection radar. It employs the 30N6E2 fire control/illumination and guidance radar. Like the S-300PMU-1, 12 TELs can be controlled, with any mix of 5P85SE2 self propelled and 5P85TE2 trailer launchers.

Optionally it can make use of the 96L6E all altitude detection radar and 76N6 low altitude detection radar, just like the S-300PMU-1.[12]

It gets worse.  Israel says it used planes.  This system shoots down ICBMs and cruise type missiles.  To it, planes are a joke.

  Generate More Leads-Be Smart!

America’s top F22 pilots, were that platform safe enough to fly, which it isn’t, a stealth aircraft decades beyond what Israel was flying would not have survived Syria’s air defenses.

The entire attack was phony, a set up, so pitiful and obvious that even the controlled press must have been embarrassed at having to pass on such swill.


Someone is lying here, lying about when negotiations began with Israel, about an attack that could never have happened, one that represented convenient aid to Syria when under threat internally.

We seem to be seeing this again as Washington PR agencies, one after the other, sign up with Syria to make the Assads, the inexperienced “eye doctor” and his Israeli spy wife look like vicious victims of evil Jewish plots and NATO, the defense pact that died a slow death back during the 1990s.

So what are the real questions we should be asking about Putin’s trip?  Will they talk about Iran?  Iran who?  Not hardly.

They will be talking about how to either get Assad off the hook or make sure that Syria gets another pro-Soviet government and, best of all, how Egypt can get the same and still keep collecting money from the US while actually an enemy, like Israel.

What we can’t explain, the Rothschild wife, the secret negotiations, the phony attack, how much more?

Do we now know why the Mossad killed the brother and put Bashir in office?

Our only real question is Putin.  Does he or Netanyahu pull the strings?  Do the commies trump the secret societies and financial cartels?

What is for sure, billions will be spent to defeat Obama.  Both Putin and Netanyahu want Romney to win, they even sent half dead Henry Kissinger out to campaign for him.

What is Romney’s job?  He is going to start World War III, slated for very soon and make sure America loses. That’s his job.