NOw you can share your balance with your love one 🙂 PTCL vphone introduced this valuable service for their customers.

The amount is describe for sharing is starting from 20rs till 20,000rs.

How to Share Balance on Vfone:

The short code for sharing the balance is 828*Amount to Transfer in Rs.*MDN#.

  • Example: 828*50*05144556633#
  • Rs 3.00 + tax will be deducted from sender’s account as balance share charges.
  • The validity of balance shared will be seven (07) days; these days will be added to existing validities of customer’s main account.

“PTCL is striving to provide its customers the convenience of utilizing PTCL services and products without leaving their homes or offices” said PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial, Naveed Saeed. He further added, “This service brings value and additional convenience for Vfone customers”.