PTCL’s 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro with unlimited data, that was earlier charged at Rs. 3,000 per month, is now being offered by PTCL at Rs. 2,100 per month for a period of one year.

PTCL has announced that all new customers who will make a new purchase of EVO Nitro after September 20th, 2012 will be able to enjoy EVO Nitro at monthly rental of Rs. 2,100 for one whole year.

This offer can be further bettered if you pay three months of advance to get Free EVO Nitro device, which otherwise comes at a separate charge of Rs. 4,000.

Hack: Existing customers can throw away their current devices to get a new EVO Nitro device from PTCL with discounted rates. Simply pay for three months in advance and avail (free Nitro Device and) a discount of Rs. 900 per month for one year.

It maybe recalled that PTCL EVO dervice (with 3.1 Mbps speeds) are charged at Rs. 2,000 per month – for which we should expect a reduction in price too.


Nitro Bundle Offer
Free Nitro + 3 months usage for Rs. 6,000
Monthly Charges: Rs.2,100/month Applicable from 4th month for one year.
Nitro Monthly Unlimited
Nitro Device Charges: Rs. 4,000
Monthly Charges: Rs. 2,100/month
Applicable for 12 months starting first bill
Terms and Conditions:

Promotion is applicable for new Nitro customers only.
Promotion is applicable for new sales on bundle, as well as monthly payment packages.
For customers opting for bundle promo, Rs. 6000 shall be paid in advance by the customer. Monthly charges of Rs.2,100 shall be applicable from 4th month onwards.
For unbundled/monthly package options, Rs.2,100 monthly charges shall be applicable from first bill.
For bundle as well as unbundled sales, monthly charges for one year shall be Rs.2100/month.
Promotion is valid only for Commercial Nitro Packages.
Promotion is not valid for prepaid, Employee & other discounted packages.