Universal Access Number

UAN is a value added service that allows a subscriber with several terminating lines in any number of locations or zones to be reached with a unique directory number. The subscriber may specify which incoming calls are to be routed to which terminating lines, based upon the area the call originated. This service enables a service provider to publish a national number and have incoming calls routed to a number of different destinations based on the geographical location of the caller. A UAN number shall be dialable from the entire Pakistan, based on the applicant’s proposed coverage without dialing the area code.
Any organization or a group has the biggest concern to provide timely and more convenient services to the clients/users. Some users may choose to connect incoming calls to different places at different times e.g. during or after working hours, or during weekends or holidays.

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  • UAN makes it easier for customers to remember you by dialing a simple number
  • A quick and easy access to make queries and complaints that increases customer satisfaction
  •  Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of doing business by phone because it is time saving and both convenient and cost-saving

Financial Proposal:
P A R T I C U L A R S Charges(PKR)

1  Installation Charges for 1st Office @ Rs. 20,000/- per office 20,000/-

2  GST 19.5% 3,900/-

3 Three Month Advance Subscription Charges @ Rs. 5,200/- per Month 15,600/-

4  GST 19.5 % 2,042/-

Total (PKR) 42,542/-

Terms & Conditions
1. General Terms:
 Billing will be on quarterly basis.
 100% advance payment is required upon acceptance of our offer.
 Validity: Quotation is valid for 15 days from the date listed above.
 Delivery time will be of 1 week.
 A surcharge of 5% will be levied in case of delayed payment.
 All taxes levied by the Government will be charged separately.
 PTCL is exempted from Income Tax.
 Additional charges, if any, will be charged separately.
 PTCL will maintain the strict secrecy of the information of the use any unauthorized
 PTA approval is required for UAN number which is the responsibility of customer.
2. Force Majeure:

  US Learns No Lesson

 Standard Force Majeure clauses apply to the terms & condition

3. Mode of Payment:

Through Bank Draft, Cheque.

PTA Contact Details are:

Mr Rab Nawaz: 051-2878110