PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is now thinking over limiting overnight call and text packages. This matter is under consideration as the real asset of pakistan,’the youth’ is turning insomniac and cell phone addict, consequently wasting their health, valuable time and goodness.

pta overlook night packages

The misuse of this miraculous wonder has lead many lives to disaster and turned the brighter futures into nightmares.PTA wants to play its part well and probably in near future would make sure that the order is practically applied yet obeyed by all the bound Network connections.It would be very fruitful if applied as soon as possible.
Atleast this effort would be appreciated by the parents who are worried about their childern regarding the overnight call and text packages.In developed countries one has to pay even for the incoming calls so people are much more devoted to their work rather than wasting their time
Whereas we; the underdeveloped nation is at ease as we have got free incomings yet cheap hourly call packages, internet bundles,mms bundles, text packages and much much more…
So we are much more interested in wasting our time on useless talks and bullshit.
Probably the youth would be worried by that as limiting the hourly overnight packages would consequently effect on the recharge as the calls would be costly.
Well whatevr there is,one has to step forward and one has to take part in the betterment of pakistan if he has got green blood in his viens;ofcourse by this i mean a real patriot .as discussing the critical situation of our country on the overnight confrence calls alone..wont help…:|zong night package , ufone night package, telenor night package