is working for more than a decade in Pakistan so hence they have a larger traffic compared to, but Lamudi is a Rocket Internet Venture and is more appealing to the eye and is more user-friendly, both the app and the website. Zameen has launched an Urdu version of the site to make it more desire-able for the people who have difficulty reading English, this is a huge plus also they have forums and blogs to talk about the latest trends in real estate. Both of the features are not in Lamudi which make a clear winner for now.

visitors in Pakistan - Property Website

Since is older than lamudi and also keeping themselves updated through their new design and user-friendly smartphone app, it gathers more traffic than Below is the graphical representation of both websites in terms of traffic.

In the above graph the blue line shows the data of whereas the orange represents and we can clearly see that has around 1million visits on average in month, only has a quarter of a million visits monthly.

zameen com - property portal pakistan

In this graph we can the actual numbers of both sites. Although we can simply understand the first three comparisons, but the ‘bounce rate’ maybe misunderstood by many people so let me explain that bounce rate is the number or percentage of users who leave the site only visiting on page of the site and usually it is the homepage of the site. This tells you that even though has fewer users their users are half the people who don’t go on to visit other pages. And again we can see as a winner here.

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There is another comparison of how both the websites get their visitors. It is a very close call on this one but it reveals so much about these websites. We can see that the orange bar of is higher in the referrals, social, and with the huge gap in the search engine category. This tells us that they knew the importance of Google and other search engines and they are using it for their advantage. They may not have the same traffic as but we know one thing is that they are growing. with blue bars takes the lead in direct, mail and display categories. has about 1.5 million likes whereas has over 500,000 likes which can raise the question of whether they are organic like or not.

Top Pakistani Property Websites

So here you go, we have compared both the sites. Please feel free to leave your comments about the comparison.

Note: All the comparison have been taken from the websites which is a website used to

compare other websites.